Cage the Elephant’s third studio album, ironically titled “Melophobia” (meaning the fear of music), is a ten–track musical cacophony that makes for thrilling listening. Bringing back the garage punk that brought them acclaim, the Kentucky natives infiltrate their acoustics with a wide gamut of sounds and retro nostalgia, reminiscent of classic ’60s punk. Standout track “Come a Little Closer” features the bluesy vocals of The Kills’ Alison Mosshart, which bring a somber “Eleanor Rigby” tone. While “Melophobia” is much more mellow than the band's last release, the former oscillates electrically between upbeat songs, such as “Spiderhead” and tracks with an introspective darker tone, like “Telescope". Cage the Elephant realizes its full potential as “Melophobia” unfolds with a more acoustically polished sound and Matt Shultz’s thrillingly paranoid lyrics.


Grade: A–

Download: “Come a Little Closer”

Sounds best when: Searching for clarity amidst chaos.