Magic Carpet 

36th and Spruce Street


Hit: “Bella Donna” vegetarian meatballs.

Just as good if not better than regular meatballs: These are served over a bed of rice and veggies and topped with vegan cheese. They make a warm, filling lunch for anyone in a rush and will make you question your fear of vegan food.


Miss: “Bedouin” falafel

While the falafel may be one of their signature dishes, it’s are a little overhyped. It’s alright if you’re in the mood for falafel, but they don’t really stand out from the other more creative menu items.


Wild Card: Magic Carpet cookies

While the idea of healthy cookies scares most people, these are actually really delicious. The flavors change daily, ranging from banana chocolate chip to coconut or dried fruit. They’re definitely worth picking up to indulge your sweet tooth.


Sugar Philly:

38th and Walnut street


French Macarons 

It’s very rare to be able to get this delicious French delicacy out of a food truck… in the middle of West Philadelphia. Regardless, it’ll certainly satisfy your Francophile urges.


Miss: Mango Rice Pudding

While this may sound like a good idea, the combination of mango, basil and coconut doesn’t work very well, no matter how “sophisticated” your palette might be.


Wild Card: Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Who would have ever thought you could watch a crème brûlée be torched in front of you from the back of a food truck?



Schmear It:

varies, check their twitter @Schmearit

Hit: Loxsmith Schmear

Chunks of lox, scallions, tomatoes and cucumbers all mixed within cream cheese make for the perfect addition to any flavor bagel, without any of the mess from the traditional, precariously–piled–high bagel and lox.


Miss: Nutty Nanner

While the combination of peanut butter, Nutella and bananas sounds amazing on paper, in reality: It is slightly overwhelming and much too sweet.


Wild Card: Flaming Islander

Cream Cheese, chopped mango and sriracha may seem like an unappatizing combo, but it actually works pretty well together in that sweet, salty, spicy kind of way.


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