Name: Alexis Richards

Year: 2015

Major: Communications

Minor: Consumer Psych

Back of her neck: For Alexis, the Eye of Horus really symbolizes “eyes in the back of your head.” It serves as a symbol for protection.


Wrist: She says, “A writer uses a semicolon in a sentence that they could have ended, but chose to continue instead. The way I see it, I'm the writer, and after my assault, I tried many times to put an end of the sentence that is my life. This is my daily reminder that I'm still here, still writing—and I'm not stopping anytime soon.”

 Alexis feels that she has always had her tattoos; they were just on deeper layers of skin (though she admits she often forgets they are there). She is a board member of Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP), and her tattoos are a physical manifestation of “My Body My Choice,” a slogan used at the annual event Take Back The Night. The semicolon reminds her of what she has been through and how her involvement with ASAP has helped her overcome it.

Parental Approval: My Dad has tattoos, so I just assume he's cool with mine. My mom only knows about one of them, so we'll see.

Let your voice be heard at Take Back The Night this Thursday, April 3, at 6pm on College Green.

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