This bar does not play music. People come to this bar to sit one of many couches and talk. You may be asking yourself, “why wouldn’t I just stay in my living room then? That sounds like a living room.” And to that I say one word. Drinks. This bar barely has a website (it is literally just the address and a picture of a couch) but  if they were to list their drink menu you would be amazed. Their coctails range from about $9-$15 and have about 7 ingredients each on average. The drinks are amazingly fancy and well worth a try even if they are pricy (and yes they are pricy). This is place is not a “turn up zone” but the drinks (especially with dark alcohols) are anything but weak. In all, if you can find it, this place is well worth the effort.


Location: 20th and Chestnut

Cost: $$$$

Ambience: Literary and relaxed

Order: Anything as long as it is a cocktail. (The Mexican Strawberry is especially addicting)



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