Drinking 3 long islands and puking in the Blarney Bathroom all while pretending to be a 23 year old from somewhere called Dansbury CT (or was it Danburry?): yes, this was sophomore year. And it was a great...something. But as a rising senior, my tolerance for both alcohol and basic–ness, has hit an all time low.

This is what is so fabulous about Dandelion. The drinks are mild and the crowd is mostly young professionals who are not here to karaoke or hook up with a Drexel basketball player. During happy hour or a packed night the crowd is chatty and even downright fun. Think i–banking, but i–banking that wants to buy you bourbon and not the Wharton–undergrad variety. While the drinks are more on the expensive side, they are delicious. The flavors are subtle and never too sweet. They do not try to mask the taste of the liquor and do not have a lot of light or clear alcohol based drinks (so maybe not the place to take more picky drinkers).

The look of the place is somewhere between 1920s British pub and upscale hunting lodge. The bar is also a restaurant and all it takes up 3 floors with different bars, themes, and table layouts. Whether lounging on the couch on the 2nd floor, having a quiet night on the 3rd floor dog themed bar, or sharing a pint on the first floors community bar, the night will drip with class and not whatever you just accidently put your hand in.


Location: 18th and Sansom

Cost: $$$$

Ambience: Cute and classy meets faux rustic

Order: Shikari (St. Germaine, Honey, Lime, Cayenne pepper) or a Pimm’s Cup pitcher