So not really a bar, to be honest, but Spruce Street Harbor provides  a new and interesting take on getting drunk in public. Right on the waterfront, the joint showcases lovely views of the Delaware. It bills itself as a “beer garden” and urban beach, which is kind of right. There is only one kind of beer and it is exactly $6. Also: don’t swim in the Delaware. Pretty much it's a couple of floating pontoons with sand, food carts and sun chairs. The surrounding park is beautiful and full of hammocks. It is only open this summer, which is really the only time to revel in getting drunk outside anyway. And Spruce St. Harbor is not only drunk outside, it's drunk outside on a fake beach. There are even net hammocks hanging over the water. The place can get a little crowded on a nice day, but it is open until 1 am, and it clears out just as other bars start to open.

There are many events and live music all over the waterfront as well.  From the historic ships to the hotel bars right across the way, to the life size chess and carnival games that line the harbor it is something to see. Spruce Street Harbor feels like a California Summer and is well worth the septa to 2nd and the walk across the sketchy bridge that crosses the freeway. Cheers to summer, and cheers to the harbor.

Location: On the harbor at Spruce (I know, groundbreaking.)

Cost: $$

Ambiance: Beachy, hip and sometimes a little touristy but in a good way

Order: there is only one drink, so many of that