1. Evil Dead II 

This cult classic is a quintessential horror comedy. A group of six friends spend a weekend in a cabin and unlock a zombie curse while going through old videos in the basement. The slapstick gore that ensues is kitschier than anything in Christian Greys's "Red Room of Pain." More than anything, though, it’s best known for one of the female characters’ sex scenes with a tree. See? You're totally hooked. And maybe a little turned on? 

2. Antichrist

If you’re looking for real sexual sadomasochism, Antichrist is more intense than Twilight fan–fiction could ever be. The thriller is spearheaded by Lars von Trier—as in the guy who  made that Shia LaBeouf sex movie, Nymphomaniac. The plot centers around a couple whose baby dies while they’re too busy having shower sex to notice. Their coping mechanism is to hide out in (yet another) cabin in the woods. While secluded, they have increasingly violent sex; there are scissors involved in a way that scissors should never be used. Be warned: this film is not for those who can’t handle a little twisted BDSM.


Daniel Radcliffe continues to try and shed his Harry Potter persona in this dark comedy about a guy who is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend. In a plot twist, the title of the film couldn't have possibly forshadowed, he grows a pair of supernatural horns on his head. The horns allow him to coax the truth out of people and figure out who actually killed his girlfriend.The story is peppered with religious satire and provides characters with actual emotional depth, unlike the virginal Anastasia Steele.