The groutfit comes in all shapes and sizes. Sure, there’s the groutfit you wear in line at Bui’s on Sunday morning as your hangover pounds mercilessly in your skull and you contemplate your life choices. But guess what: There’s also a chic way to rock a groutfit.

A crucial piece of advice when it comes to groutfitting actually stems from a book I haven’t read but am pretty sure is about fashion: 50 Shades of Grey. Grey-layering (greyering?) should follow the same rules as sporting numerous shades of denim: As long as the pieces you’re wearing don’t come too close to being the same color, you’re good. Matching a heather grey crop top, for example, with darker grey, high-waisted jeans is a totally appropriate going out groutfit.

Another important factor when selecting your groutfit is material. If you can avoid super casual fabrics (these are technical terms, so try not to get overwhelmed: Stay away from “t–shirt material” and “sweatshirt material”), you won’t run the risk of looking like a slob–and–a–half. Knits, jersey and silk are all safe materials to ensure your groutfit game stays strong.

Arguably, the most important accessory for your groutfit is confidence. Walk into your OCR interview in a groutfit and a smile that says, “I ate private equity for lunch,” and I guarantee you’ll get the job.* Wear the groutfit, don’t let the groutfit wear you.

* Note: I can’t guarantee this.


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