Junior talent agent: The hardest part about Sundance isn’t getting into parties, it’s getting your fucking phone charged.

International producer: Sundance is the shit. I’m fucking done with three- hour Cannes movies.

Uber driver: Your seat? Yeah, you’re sitting where Common just sat.

Sundance volunteer: Park City? Man, it’s the fucking wild, wild, wild west out here.

Publicist: I can get you into Franco’s after–party, but you have to pretend to be an MTV exec.

Bouncer from Park City Live: Didn’t you have a British accent when you walked in?

Pennsylvania stand–up comedian: You go to Penn? Just go in—this sushi bar is crawling with Wharton grads.

Reporter: So this is all I get with four fucking years of journalism school?

LA frat star: You know you’re in Utah when the menu includes “full strength beers.”

James Franco: Every year that I get to do one, two or maybe three projects that are things that, maybe, wouldn’t have been made if I hadn’t come along, that’s a victory.

Park City local: Let me show you my chest tattoo. Oh, by the way, do you want some pills?

Park City waiter: My brother owes me hundreds for bailing him out. I’m fucked, because I also owe my ex sixty dollars to clean out her carpet. Yeah, he headbutted me and broke my nose, so now there’s a ton of blood everywhere.