What You Should Get the Fuck Out of Bed For

  • Bernie, a biopic about a strange man who killed his older lover for her money, stars Matthew McConaughey at the beginning of his McConnaisance. It will be airing at Gregory College House @ 8pm on Thursday, Feb 26.
  • On Friday, February 27 @ 8pm, Harnwell College House will be showing the Intouchables, a French comedy–drama about the budding relationship between a wealthy quadriplegic and his ex–con caretaker.
  • Jack Black–voiced animated comedy Kung Fu Panda airs @ 8pm on Saturday, February 28 at Gregory College House. The 2008 film is a modern day kids' classic.

What People Are Talking About

  • The Oscars. JK Simmons told everyone to call their parents, Patricia Arquette made a rallying call for equal pay and Alejandro Iñárritu was the real winner as he won for Best Director and Birdman took home the Best Picture prize. We have a feeling Richard Linklater might take a while to recover from all of Boyhood's snubs.
  • Strange goings–on at the box office: Fifty Shades of Grey has surpassed $400 million globally. Kingsman: The Secret Service has beat all Bond and Bourne movies internationally as the highest–grossing R–rated export. And two best picture nominees, American Sniper and The Theory of Everything have both grossed $100 million worldwide.

What to Catch on TV

  • Well, technically it's Netflix, but all of Season 3 of House of Cards starts streaming at 3 am on Friday, February 27.
  • The Last Man on Earth, starring SNL alum Will Forte, is a new buzzed–about comedy premiering on Fox on Sunday, March 1 @ 9pm. The show also stars January Jones and Daily Show alum Kristen Schaal, which must mean that Forte isn't the actual last man on Earth. Plot twist!

Image courtesy of Forbes