For the Lady Lobsters:

1. Halter Tops

Your fun-hating friends have told you that halter tops are "so 1999," but we're here to tell you that your friends are wrong. Whip out your Kat Stratford 10 Things I Hate About You-esque Halloween costume and rock that burn.  The contrast of the lines of the halter tie with your burn lines will have all the boys knocking.

2. Pink Eye Shadow

Is your fling tank sunburn fading? Don't worry! Pink eye shadow is the perfect thing to make it pop even after it loses its bright red luster. We know your mom told you to put that make up away because it wasn't "classy enough for a young lady like you" when you tried to wear it in seventh grade, but pink eye shadow is the key to making your fling tank sunburn look hot. 

For the Burnt Bros: 

1. Unbuttoned Button Downs

Throw on that short sleeved button down you've been dying to wear since the weather turned nice, and go ahead and unbutton the top 3–4 buttons.  By doing this, you'll show off just enough burn to get the people goin'.

2. Puka Shell Necklace 

What's a bro tank sunburn without a puka shell necklace to show that you're a true bro? We know you kept it ever since you and your camp bestie made them together the summer after sixth grade.  Whip it out, throw it on, and bro out. 


Shirts are so passé, time for everyone to free the nipple.  Leave your shirts at home. It's gonna be 70 all week, and you could even out that tank burn with a full torso burn. The only thing hotter than a fling tank burn.  (Ed. note: Street is not responsible for any violations of Philadelphia's decency laws.)