IN: Going to see Fast 7. Vin Diesel declared it’s going to win an Oscar, and it has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, Paul Walker.

OUT: Acting like you're above the Fast/Furious franchise. They’ve made seven of them now, so not everyone can hate them.

IN: Amy Schumer. She’s gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week, and everyone is more than ready for her comedy Trainwreck to come out this summer.

OUT: Only men getting to play the under–achieving, heavy–drinking schlubs in Judd Apatow movies. Bridesmaids broke the glass ceiling. Now Trainwreck is capitalizing on that momentum.

IN: Live–action Disney princess movies. First there was the Cinderella remake, and now there's a Mulan remake on the way.  Oh, and Emma Watson is playing Belle in a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast—we guess we can forgive Emma for picking the princess life over Penn grad school.

OUT: Rewatching Frozen in your dorm room for the hundredth time. We know someone already said it, but it’s time to let it go.