Ari Gold now runs a studio and Vince wants to direct. The movie picks up where the hit TV series left off. In addition to seeing what goes on behind the scenes of Tinseltown’s movie industry - yacht parties, private jets, and Hollywood glamour on the red carpet - make sure to watch out for cameos of some Hollywood A-Listers such as Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba and Kelsey Grammer. As one of the recent posters says, ”Dream Large. Live Larger.”

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Melissa McCarthy stole someone’s identity two years ago in Identity Thief, but now she is going undercover for the CIA to save the world. With a great cast that includes Jude Law and Rose Byrne, this movie is likely to make you laugh the entire time leaving you with a sore stomach by the end.

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Jurassic World

It’s been fourteen years, and director Steven Spielberg has returned with his fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. After a new attraction at the theme park backfires, the genetically engineered dinosaur will keep audience members on the edge of their seats as visitors in the park run for their lives.

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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Having won the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl tells the story of what happens when a high school senior, Greg (Thomas Mann), is forced to befriend Rachel (Olivia Cooke) who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. For those who are looking to switch gears from the big summer blockbusters to art house, independent films, make sure to check this one out too.

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Ted 2

Ted is now married and he wants a child. Our favorite teddy bear returns to the screens and learns that if he and his wife want to have a baby, he has to prove that he is a real person. Ted 2 is expected to be another raunchy comedy that will leave you in tears, and we all want to #legalizeted.

In theaters June 26th

Magic Mike XXL

With the release of its most recent trailer, it’s clear what the movie is going to entail as it goes on to show some of what it calls “the best parts of the movie” - shirtless Channing Tatum. At a fake screening of the film, Channing goes undercover as a marketing executive interviewing Magic Mike fans and telling them the screening would be in 3D. When the lights go out, strippers in the audience dance their way to the screen while Channing, still undercover, gives an audience member a lap dance before unmasking and revealing himself to everyone. Get ready for some kickass dancing and lots of skin.

In Theaters July 1st

Irrational Man

Some are calling Woody Allen’s latest film one of the best movies to be premiered at Cannes. Starring Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix, this movie tells the story of what happens when a professor begins to have an affair with one of his students.

In Theaters July 17th


“Monogamy isn’t realistic.” Amy Schumer and Bill Hader star in this upcoming comedy that tells the story of what happens when the promiscuous girl, who was raised to believe that monogamy isn’t realistic, meets the right guy and begins to fall in love with him too. Producer Judd Apatow is known for some of our favorites, Bridesmaids, Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin. It looks like Trainwreck could soon be added to that list too.

In Theaters July 17th


Harvey Weinstein has already vowed that Jake Gyllenhaal will get an Oscar nomination for his performance in this boxing drama. The film tells the story of what happens when the life of Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal), reigning World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, begins to unravel after his wife (Rachel McAdams) accidentally gets killed. According to Weinstein, while the film had been selected for Cannes, it couldn’t remain in competition since Gyllenhaal was a member of the jury.

In Theaters July 24th

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise is back starring in another installment of Mission Impossible. In its fifth installment, Ethan (Cruise) and his team take on their most impossible mission as they are committed to terminating the IMF. He says this might be their last one, so he wants to make it count.

In Theaters July 31st


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