With its enchanting aesthetic, fresh farm–to–table meals and unbeatable cocktails, Talula’s Garden is kind of like that kid in your hall who had a 4.0 GPA, runs five clubs and has a social life… except you don’t hate Talula’s Garden. The art–deco building that once housed the nation’s oldest advertising firm now has a coffee bar, a grab–and–go and prepared foods menu, as well as a full kitchen and dining experience. Overlooking Washington Square, the always–changing menu, beautiful garden, local cheese boards and Sunday Brunch will keep you coming back for more.

You know they mean business when they have an entire menu just for cheese. One of the highlights of the Talula’s dining experience, the chefs have broken down the selections into sets of six to seven cheeses and pairings. The creative duos range from jams to honey to fruit. If you’re inspired, and we know you will be, replicate these combos at home!

The night resembled a double date more than anything: me, my food, the photographer and her food. We started with the Peaches and Crab salad ($16) with curly tango lettuce and wildflower honey–black pepper dressing, which was incredibly refreshing. We also had the fresh baked Focaccia di Recco ($16) topped with fennel jam, whipped ricotta, juicy blistered grapes, buffalo taleggio and truffle honey. Let me put it this way—if I could marry the Focaccia, I would. The texture of the crust and the way that the cheese, honey and the jam melded together yielded a winning combination.

For the main course, we first tried a Roasted Rohan Duck Breast ($32) (Ed. note: A French variety, not Lord of the Rings as I initially thought) with autumn farro risotto, butternut squash, raisins, sage scented duck sausage and pickled cabbage on the side. Then came the Semolina Cavatelli ($16/30) with braised veal, cherry tomato confit, sherry, leeks, anaheim, garlic and oregano. Both dishes were obviously amazing. The delicate flavors and blends that the restaurant consistently delivered on all of their plates impressed us the most.

We finished off our already phenomenal meals with Sweet Little Ricotta Doughnuts ($11). They were melt–in–your–mouth, chocolate–hazelnut deliciousness. I would honestly go to this restaurant at 9pm on a Monday night just to have these (#midtermsprocrastination, anyone?) You can’t go to Talula’s without ordering these. Seriously.

Without a doubt, Talula’s Garden reigns supreme as one of my favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. Come for the famous brunch, go for a stroll in the lovely Washington Square and get back in time for dinner, too.

Location: 210 W. Washington Square


TL;DR: Although it may seem like a dream, this meal, garden, and art deco combo actually exists and is only a short trip away.

Check Out: The actual garden to have a meal and Talula’s Daily to study and get away from Penn. 

Don't Miss: The Roasted Rohan Duck Breast with risotto and the Focaccia di Recco
Skip: Individual meals and inhibitions. Share everything to maximize what you get to try.



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