Date #1: Julian Oviedo and John Holmes

Street: What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Julian Oviedo: Tall is a big thing. One of my big things is humor. They have to have that. For me humor is maybe more important than for other people. Just the general things like being a good person, being nice. 

John Holmes: Someone who is cool and not lame. Someone who first thinks I'm funny and second is also funny. 

Street: First impressions?

JO: I looked him up before. I didn't know him personally but I've seen him on campus. I thought he was cute and nice. 

JH: Well via Facebook I would say impressed that his profile picture and my cover photo have similar aesthetics. So that was a good first impression. And in person he was super nice. In between those there was the first text impression. I suggested we go ice–skating, and he was like, "Oh, I don't ice skate." Which was a pretty big red flag, to be honest. Because nobody ice skates, you just go and you do it, unless you're like a figure skater. You just learn it and figure it out. So it was good and then ehh but then he made up for it. 

Street: The place?

JO: Distrito.

Street: The service?

JO: It was good. I had never been there before and I really liked it. 

JH: Friendly service at Distrito always. 

Street: The food?

JO: The food was really good. I apparently got one of the best things on the menu, I got the mahi–mahi tacos. 

JH: It was good. I don't remember the name of my dish. It was a nice vegetarian option. We had chips and guac to start with, which was great.

Street: The conversation?

JO: I was expecting it to be awkward, and there were little awkward moments but overall it was fine. Good conversation. No really awkward lulls. 

JH: It was good. Pretty basic getting to know one another type things. 

Street: Would you go out again?

JH: I would say if it's ice–skating, definitely. Otherwise probably still yes.

Date #2: Rebecca Brown and Matt Wachter

Street: What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Matt Wachter: They have to be funny and chill. And like to have fun. 

Rebecca Brown: I just go for someone that's easy to talk to. I don't have specific criteria, it's more like, 'Do I like their vibes?'

Street: First impression?

MW: First impression was over text. She seemed really nice and funny. So it was a good first impression. 

RB: He was so nice. It felt like I was making a new friend, it was very easy. Also we texted to figure out our plans so I could tell he wasn't super boring or anything. He said things in the texts that sort of alluded to the fact that he had a personality. 

Street: The place?

MW: We went to Tap House. 

Street: The service?

RB: It was good, we actually talked about how we wanted to give our waitress a nice tip. She was really nice. 

Street: The food?

MW: The food was good. I had a burger and she had a salad. 

RB: We had both been to Tap House before, but it was good. I hate how stereotypical this sounds. He had a burger, I had a salad. 

Street: The conversation?

MW: It was good, we were talking the whole time. There was never an awkward silence. It was a good conversation. 

RB: Convo was good. It was probably what you'd expect when you're meeting someone for the first time. I found out about his frat, his brother who went here, he wants to go abroad. Nothing too out–of–the–box. 

Street: Would you go out again?

MW: Yeah! It was fun. I had a good time. 

RB: Yeah! I could totally see seeing him at a mixer and knowing him and being friends. 

Street: Anything I forgot to ask?

MW: Nothing really. I'm curious to hear how my blind dates skills were though. 

RB: We had a lot of people in common, so that was easy. At the beginning we were able to play, 'Oh, you know so–and–so.' And we did. 

Date #3 Max Slosburg and Lucy Hackney

Street: First impressions?

Lucy Hackney: He was standing across from me. I was sitting because I had been there for a while doing homework. So then he texted me, 'Hey, I’m here.' So then I was like, 'Shit.' Do I look up? Do I look around?

Max Slosburg: So I stalked her on Facebook first. Not like actually stalked, but like typed in ‘Lucy’ to see who it could be and see who I had mutual friends with. So I figured out who it was going to be just so when I got there I would know who it was so we weren’t just standing around not interacting. So I got there and she was there and I didn’t realize it was her. So I texted her when I got there. I was like, 'Hey, I’m here.' She was like, 'Me too.' And then we made eye contact. We locked eyes. I don’t know if I’d say love at first sight, but pretty close.

Street: The place?

LH: HubBub.

Street: The service?

MS: It took a while to get my chai latte. I’d say I was waiting upwards of four minutes. But you know, they were busy.

Street: The food?

LH: I had a bagel. It was delicious. Great bagel.

MS: After we realized it was 6:30 p.m. at this point, we were like, 'Oh, it’s dinner time.' So we went to the halal cart across from HubBub.

Street: The conversation?

LH: It was great. We were there for like two hours, which was nice.

MS: We covered a lot of ground because it was two and a half hours. So it started out just basic NSO conversation type stuff. We talked about her fascination with the word ‘lit’. And then my similar fascination with the word ‘bonkers’. And the difference between the two words. That took a while. We talked about our mutual friends, we talked about why we were there, we talked about our plans for the future, how many kids we wanted. We had marriage plans. This was real. 

Street: Would you go out again?

LH: Sure. Wouldn’t say no.

MS: In a heartbeat.

Street: Anything we forgot to ask?

MS: One thing we talked about was how the ‘blind date’ situation isn’t something that someone would encounter at our age. Just because you wouldn’t go on a date with someone that you don’t know at all. But it was fun to meet someone new, in this case, make a new friend. But it’s interesting because in a few years this is what a lot of dates will be like.