Need to spice up your Tinder/Bumble/insert up–and–coming new dating app you're using? Street has you covered. Through dating apps, people try to convey who they are (Ed. note: Or who they want to be so you swipe right.) Similarly, through short informative blurbs, museum curators try to explain the art exhibited. To quote that annoying kid from your modern poetry course, "Art is life, and life is art." So this week, Street had one crazy idea: Why not find art descriptions that work as dating profile descriptions? 

“colorful and six feet high”

“looking for sensitive explorations of loss, pain, love and hope”

“poetic object whose serene white surfaces and allusive forms seems to recall remote worlds of myth”

“do not fit easily into categories of ‘insider’ or 'outsider.’”

“not a fixed entity”

“surface punctuated by permanent creases”

“embodies the dainty ideal of femininity”

“Chinese, for export.”

“rides on a cloud”


“left by Athenian lover Theseus”

“god of wine”

“a Capuchin friar”

“a single solid piece”

“lost sheep chased by a wolf”

“disguised as a woman”

“betrays himself by showing too much interest”

“reveals himself by shooting an arrow from his own rigid bow”

“enjoyed an impressive reputation”

“She pursued the art of making wax fruit and flowers”

“cast carelessly over a chair”

“becomes improper”

“makes one think about the nudity”

“a dewy tomato”

“a rarity”

“dapper artist wearing a hat”

“not twelve-years-old”

“ raised five children”

“spiced for maximum dramatic effect”


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