If you’re trying to revamp your wardrobe, are unsure of what to wear tonight or are really just looking for a much–needed breath of fresh air from the endless parade of study abroad blogs popping up on your newsfeed, these people are doing something creative, fashion–forward and helpful. 

Street chatted with a few of Penn’s style bloggers to learn about what inspires them and (hopefully) to soak up some of their fashion sense.

Arielle Winfield of heylifestylee

Instagram: @heylifestylee
Year: Junior
Major: Cognitive Science

What sets apart her blog:

“I want my blog to be fashion for the person that wants to keep up with trends but doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars. I want to show people that you can dress trendy and cute without spending a crap–ton.”

The staple she can’t live without:

“Converse. White Converse. I’m from LA, and that’s such a staple over there.”

Her favorite stores:

“Zara! It’s my whole closet. Maybe a little Urban Outfitters, too, and NastyGal (when it’s on sale).”

On finding her own inspiration:

“Honestly, I don’t like pulling from other people. Of course, I like trends and I follow trends, but if I see something I like, I’ll wear it. If I don’t like it, I won’t. I don’t care about brand names.”

If her sense of fashion was a food:

“Lasagna. It’s got layers. There’s different layers to my style; it definitely isn’t just one thing. I’m not just boho, or classic or edgy. I want my style to connect to different kinds of people.”

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Priscilla Andalia of Best Trends For Life

Instagram: @besttrendsforlife
Year: 2015 Graduate
Major: Biology/Pre–dental

What made her want to start a blog:

“I'm pre–dental, so most of my classes in undergrad were science–based courses. While I love science, I did not want to lose sight of my other two passions—fashion and photography."

On her early love for fashion:

“I’ve been obsessed with all things fashion from before I can remember. My parents have photos of me as a toddler playing dress up—I was such a little diva! Fashion is important to me because it's a way for me to express myself and tell the story that is my personal style."

Her current favorite item in her closet:

“Because it's so frigid outside, my current favorite piece is the Bonnie & Clyde coat by Bandits!”

Where she finds most of her wardrobe:

“Small/independent shops and vintage boutiques—I really enjoy finding unique pieces.”

Why Best Trends For Life is different:

“My personal style is distinct from that of other bloggers'—it incorporates many different trends and definitions of what fashion is. My blog features products from small independent brands.”

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Erica Ligenza of Coming Up Roses

Instagram: @ericaligenza
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing and Management

What got her interested in fashion:

“My mom was always really big on letting me dress myself from a very early age.”

How Coming Up Roses is more than just a fashion blog:

“I do have style posts, but that’s not necessarily the main focus of my blog. I started Coming Up Roses with the intent of it being a hub of community and inspiration."

On the importance of connecting to her readers:

“A lot of times in this day and age, fashion blogs will just be really expensive clothes, or all gifted products, or it’s straight out of Vogue. Or these blogs will just be really pretty pictures and then three sentences that say, 'Hey. This was my weekend. And I’m flying around the world having a great time.' I really pride myself on making strong connections with my readers."

How she would define her style:

“My accessories will take it in one direction or another. If I want a simpler look, I’ll have the same outfit but just daintier jewelry. If I want something more glamorous, I’ll put on a big statement piece."

The three pieces everyone needs in their closet:

“A chambray shirt. It goes with absolutely everything under the sun, you can dress it up or dress it down and it’s so comfortable. A great black blazer. And a statement piece that’s unique but makes you feel really confident."

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