The first (and last) time I went to the gym was freshman year, when I was in love with a rower and he decided we were going to hit Fox Fitness center together. I went on the elliptical for about 20 (okay, 10) minutes while he did his thang on the ERG machine, and decided that was the end of my gym career, minus my Flywheel cult obsession. However, I was given the opportunity to try WeTrain, the Uber of personal training as I had been told. 

The 30–minute workout itself is targeted more towards calories burned with high interval training, as the 60–minute session apparently has more rest time built in as well as more coaching. The trainers themselves were very non–intimidating, and offered tips for getting the best workout as well as encouragement. I decided to do this the Monday after Easter #blessup.

4:20 pm: I text my friend who has agreed to be a part of this experiment that I am on my way. We’ve agreed to meet at the street office because we can apparently do this workout in a tiny space—"the size of a snow angel" to be precise.

4:24 pm: I realize that I have screwed up before I have even started working out, and have given the trainers coming to meet us the wrong address.I frantically text photographer, trainers, and anyone who I think can solve this problem that Street is in fact, not located on 4051 Walnut.

4:31 pm: My friend remarks we are off to a great start, now that the trainers are late.

4:33 pm: See WeTrain walking towards us. Two extremely muscular guys in dweeby WeTrain shirts. Again, there are two of them. Was banking on it not being as hard with a one–on–two scenario.

4:35 pm: Pleasantries exchanged, and we decide to do this shiz on high rise field so more people can pay witness to our suffering and will provide better light for our pictures. Plus, it’s nice outside.

4:37 pm: Trainers question us on our fitness goals, history, how old we are, etc. I am a gym novice, and tell them so.

4:40 pm: With little notice, we are doing some sort of toe touch thing to the bench, and alternating with a tricep dip. I may have made the name of that up. I have never been more ashamed of my weak arms while I see various athletes walking by and get eyeballed by a group of West Philly natives.

4:43 pm: Wow these guys are super encouraging.

4:45 pm: Short break, and the two WeTrainers check our heartbeats/pulse/whatever. I am apparently 60% something. My friend is 70% something. Is this good or bad? I shall never know.

4:46 pm: We have moved onto the grass to do some planks/toe touches. I still hate my life. Sucking in because I have seen someone I know and the photographer is snapping away. Hope my butt looks good in these lulus…

4:46 pm: There is an intense wind blowing while we are planking, and I remark how it is adding some extra calorie burn. The trainers don't laugh. 

4:50 pm: We have moved onto wall climbers on a park bench. I ask what will happen if I fall on my face. Trainer says that is impossible. My sprained ankle and broken rib beg to differ.

4:53 pm: After mountain climbers, we are doing squats. I am taught that I have, in fact, been doing squats wrong my entire life. Shit.

4:54 pm: Learning how to do a squat. Thinking about bend and snap. This is impossible.

5:05 pm: OMG ITS OVER.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I prefer the club music and anonymity of my flywheel class, but I’m a try anything once kinda gal. Immediately after we were finished, I found myself craving more planks and mountain climbers (is it working out if you’re not super sweaty?). For $17 for a half an hour, and $25 for a full hour (which you can split with a friend!!) I could definitely see myself adding this maybe once a week. While I will probably go back to Flywheel tomorrow morning, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a relatively inexpensive personal training session, which you can then apply on your own at Pottruck after a few sessions.