No one thought Fling was going to be cheap, and that proved more than true when Pool Party tickets started being sold for $250+. However, the things people spent their money on had quite an interesting range. Who knew you could spend more than ten dollars during a late night McDonald's run...or should I say rampage. Random representatives from each grade disclosed their spending habits during Fling, some of which are acceptable and some of which might now be regretful. 

Cami Nwokedi (C '19)

This freshman came in hot to fling with $300.00 to her name and managed to end her weekend with a total of 54 cents. It seems that she spent more money on the inevitable late night food runs than on the actual events, but who can blame the girl? Fling is emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting, and it’s vital to refuel around 1 a.m. in order to keep up with the madness. Here’s what she recalled spending: 

SAE/Beta Downtown Ticket: $40.00

Chance the Rapper Ticket: $35.00

Carnival Wristband: $5.00

Alcohol: $25.00

Chasers: $15.00

Cover charges: $30.00

Late night Allegro: $10.00

Late night Wawa: $10.00

McDonalds on Saturday night: $54.00 (Ed. note: what in god's name did you buy...)

Notice, there are still 76 dollars unaccounted for. Better luck next time, novice fling–er.

Hannah Van Drie (C '17)

This junior went a little over $80 this fling, starting her week early with Happy Hours and BYOs galore. She splurged early on in the week with Copa on Monday and Pod on Tuesday and BYOs with friends on Wednesday and Thursday. She reigned it in for the rest of the weekend, instead bouncing around house parties, frats and the occasional rooftop. Her biggest expense was Pod Happy Hour, a real hidden gem, but those sake mojitos can add up.

Copa Margs: $17.00

Pod Happy Hour: $20.00

BYO Booze: $25.00

Smokes' Covers: $3.00

Wishbone BYO: $8.00

Carnival Wristband: $5.00

Tap: $7.00

Late night Zesto: $3.75

OJ for Mimosas: $2.50

Boozy Brunch pancake mix: $2.50

John Baranik (C'16)

This senior learned the ropes and did fling right by spending absolutely no money. He got through the weekend without purchasing any alcohol, instead relying on the kindness of friends and frats. In place of late–night drunk food he opted for snacking at home.  He also took advantage of free darty food, even managing to snag a free roast pork sandwich on Locust. Please, show us your ways. 

PB&J: $0.00

Friday dinner and drinks: $0.00

Bran flake breakfast: $0.00

Elmo darty beer: $0.00

Elmo darty hamburger: $0.00

Locust party roast pork sandwich: $0.00

Andrew Witherspoon (C '18)

Spoon is an icon on this campus to say the least, so it’s only appropriate that we inquire what his total damage was during Fling. He disclosed that he "spent a lot of money” but “didn’t purchase any tickets to anything.” The perks of being Spoon are endless. He also claims his spending habits were nothing compared to his friends who were "buying bottles." But still. What exactly was this man of action up to? 

Camo Vest for Pool Party: $90.00

Drinks at Pool Party and Roxxy Downtowns: $300.00

Bursared Food on Friday: $25.00

Food on Saturday: Nothing because he didn’t eat all day (Ed. note: Someone walk me through this…)

Covers: $40.00

Total: $455.00