"Work Happy Hour."

Your eyes perk up a little from the Excel sheet that you've been staring at all day at the mention of any sort of drinking. However, if this is a new internship, or even somewhere that you have a return offer, work Happy Hours are generally a place that you need to constrain yourself from doing handle pulls of Banker's like you do every weekend (don't lie, we aren't judging you).

When it comes to the office Happy Hour, there are some hard and fast rules that are definitely necessary to keep in mind while boozin' with the homies. Here we goooooo-

1) Don't get blasted.

Yeah, I know, you can probably drink your pussy-ass co workers under the table. That doesn't mean you should.  Stick to beer or wine– it's easier to seem like a more refined version of yourself when you can sip at your glass of chard with reckless abandon. Secondly, plan to have,  like, two drinks. I know this seems like not a lot, but just think of it as a pregame to going out with your friends later.

2) Make friends.

Don't just stick to your work wife. Use this opportunity to meet other interns that you haven't talked to yet, and to chat up your supervisor.

3) Don't reveal personal shit about yourself.

While you should be friendly, this is no time to reveal about your-ahem-extracurricular activities: skiing, toking, boning... keep those to yourself. Or tell Street about them, we would love to know ;)

Bonus, if you are a true savãge:

Step 1: Encourage people to chug, while you sip on your chard.

Step 2. Start gossiping

Step 3. Watch co-workers embarrass themselves and gather information for later–you never know when you may need it.

As for hooking up with co-workers after Happy Hour– that's also a big no, no. Unless, of course, you can get away with it, in which case, don't tell anybody. Except for Street. That's a secret we'll never tell.