Let's be honest: if Penn students posted pictures that accurately and honestly represented our summers, Instagram would consist mostly of bed–bound double chins, sweat–drenched subway commutes and tragically tone–less, tan–less poolsides. So we compiled a list of all those staged and filtered pictures you keep seeing. Don't scroll through Instagram again. Let Street do that for you.

The "My View is Better Than Yours"

Fair enough, the view of trash and squirrels from my apartment wouldn't be much competition, even if I did slap the Valencia filter on it.

The "I'm Still Here Bitches"

If you don't believe that Blarney is now a thing, see how far you can scroll on a Friday without seeing a #pitcherpicture.

The "Stars and Stripes for Likes"

That red, white and blue bodysuit is sooo cute, you should wear it more often!

The "I’m in New York"

~scream emoji~ ~scream emoji~ RAMEN BURGER!!!

The "She'll Be Comin’ Down the Mountain Once She Snaps Some Pics"

The service in Cape Town sucks, especially at that altitude.

The "You BeSwan With Me"

You're in the pool with your floatie. 

Drenched in sweat

You did your make–up

You're not getting your hair wet

Suck in, make people jealous on Instagram.

The "Just Coa-chillin’"

You spent over $300 to be your true, chill, weed–loving, hippy self. Flower (and booty shorts) power!

The "Am I More Beautiful Now Than the Last Time I Took a Shit?"

(also known as The “Relieving My Bladder and My Constant Need For Attention”)

A lot of people take tons of pictures as souvenirs of their travels. Why should a trip to the restroom be an exception?

The "I Risked My Life For These Likes"

Before you jumped, did you write a will stating that, should you die, your friends should recover your phone and post this?

The "I Am SterSoDamn Cultured"

You’re in Europe, and you couldn't call your friends because all London phone booths smell like piss. But thanks this pic of you posing outside of one!

The "I Left Campus!...To Go to Sips"

Haha, fuck you New York, interns drink here too!!!

The "I’m Not Afraid of Adventure and Neither Is My Phone

Does snorkel equipment come with a free selfie stick and waterproof case now?

The "Miss Me, Penn?"

If you don't wear blue sunglasses and a black v–neck with a built–in choker, how are the people you meet on your travels supposed to know how sceney you are?

The “I Went To a Museum. Here’s a Pic So You Don’t Have To!”

Obviously I’d much rather stay home and observe your social media presence.

The "These Children Are So Hungry—Hungry for Likes!!!"

Props to you for spending your summer volunteering in Africa, the world's poorest country. 

The "I'm Not Really Topless, I'm Always Wearing My Letters"

You wrote your srat letters in the sand and posed with them. You're such a team player.

The "Your Like Is My Birthright"

Exploring the Israeli desert on a camel is so worldly, especially if you can smile for the camera as if your crotch isn’t getting bruised. For your next adventure, maybe you'll travel on foot two blocks west of campus.

The "This Relationship Is No Longer OPenn"

This is proof that you booty call each other even when you don't live only two blocks apart, and is essentially the social media equivalent of lifting up your leg and peeing in a circle around bae.


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