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Pack, Pack, Pack It Up

This summer, like many Penn students, I don’t have a substantial lunch break at my internship in New York (which I suppose makes sense as they’re already abusing me by not paying me and also not hiring me in the first place). I’m writing this column to provide ideas and inspiration for those readers who want to save money for the weekend, calories for happy hour, and boring salads for when you’re back on campus and they cost 12 dollars of your money and 20 minutes of your time.

BeerMe App

Making nights out better for bar–goers and bartenders.

I Wanna Poke You With My Love Stick

Sex, gender and beauty at the Penn Museum's most recent exhibit.

Read With Caution

Interpreting trigger warnings at Penn.

PMA: Discovering the Impressionists

If a critic of the 19th century were to attend what is currently the Philadelphia Art Museum’s main exhibition, he might squint at the smudged, smeared, blotched canvases and describe it as “worth seeing for the same reason that one would go see an exhibition of pictures painted by the inmates of a lunatic asylum.”

A Beautiful Ghetto at Slought

The beautiful, chaotic moments of protest.

Honey's Sit 'n' Eat Gets Straight to the Point

You will sit; you will eat; you will love

Ex–Couple Costumes

Because Halloween should be scary.

To Whom it May Concern: You Have Chlamydia

Anonymous ways to tell your lovers that you maybe gave them herpes.

Penn Imitates Art

Or does art imitate Penn? Let us know.

You Have To Do This Over Fall Break

Stuck in Philly? Penn may be boring, but museums aren't.

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College

Enrolling at Penn was a huge mistake.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Roundup You've been Waiting For

Ice cream sammy szn is the new SABSing szn

The Best of West Philly

Delicious ways to leave your comfort zone

Street's Guide to the Perfect Orange Is the New Black Party

 Whether you’re having people over to watch a few episodes or hiding in your room watching the entire season in one sitting, Street has you covered.

The Black Show at ICA

Not exactly what you would expect.

ICA Opening: Exploring Art and Communication

This Wednesday, the ICA hosted its fall opening of exhibits by Christopher Knowles, Josephine Pryde and Becky Suss.

The DataFace

Three Penn alums bring statistics to people who hate math and journalism to people who love it.

Acting My Age

I am 21 years old, and I don’t know how to ride a bike. 

Spotluck, the App Solving the Dining Dilemma

More customers for Ramen Bar, cheaper noodles and deadly cocktails for me.

Renata's Kitchen: Rising From the Ashes

A West Philly staple is back and better than ever. 

Losing (Birth) Control

Navigating Penn’s hookup culture with uncertain reproductive rights

Art So Boring It'll Make Your Life Stand Still

The PMA's "The Art of American Still Life" did little to move our attention.

Kinks, Consent and Communication

Slut–shaming is out, kink–shaming is in.

Street's Definitive Guide to Late Night Spots at Penn

Confused and sober? We got you.

Cats, Coffee, Companionship...And More Cats

“A long time ago, I found a cat that needed a home,” says Kathy Jordan, President and founder of Green Street Rescue.

The Instagrams We Keep Seeing Over the Summer

We all know you brainstormed those captions at work. 

Street’s Guide to Getting Involved with Food Justice Before Thanksgiving

I feel a little sanctimonious every year at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sure, I drink wine with my mum as she does unappetizing things to the turkey.

The Other Side of Greek Life

When Penn students deactivate from Greek life

Scratch Biscuits Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

An evaluation more scathing than your Penn Course Review

Those Who Do, Teach

In the fall of her senior year at Penn, Jess King (C’15) asked herself if education was the most valuable thing she could do with her diploma.

“Hell yeah, it is” she said.

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