Assembly Rooftop Lounge opened earlier this year, on top of the Logan Hotel on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and although I can’t complain of the great view of the art museum, this rooftop lounge left much to be desired.

In order to get to the rooftop lounge, you have to get your ID checked by an uninterested bouncer in a small hallway with velvet ropes. Maybe it’s just because we went around 6 p.m., but cocktail hour starts early in our book.

Upon arrival, we did a quick scope of the layout. A long bar lit from underneath, coupled with a nice outdoor space filled with fireplaces made it look like a cool spot, but it would’ve been more at home in New York than Philadelphia. Walking past the bar, there were small couches clustered around tables, creating little nooks for parties of ten to enjoy. What you were sup- posed to be doing in these nooks is still unclear, but use your imagination, people. The only other couple there was a thirty–something duo, possibly on a first date, who sat awkwardly in one of the nooks as they sipped their $22 glasses of wine. 

As far as drinks go, we ordered the Margarita ($16) and the Aperol Spritz ($16). Both drinks were overpriced, and were way too sweet for our liking. The margarita had an edible flower in it, a pansy, which left me wondering if it was insulting me for my choice of beverage. Looking around the bar, there wasn’t a great selection of alcohol either, unless they were hiding it—it seemed more like you were at the home of someone who had a personal collection rather than a rooftop lounge. I’m a gin lover, and was less than pleased to see their gin of choice was Tanqueray... so boring.

We decided to give their modern Thai food “small plates” a chance, after all this is dining guide. We ordered the Roasted Fig and Chevre Flatbread ($15). The pizza was supposed to be topped with roasted figs, goat cheese and charred shishito pepper, but we were gypped on the pepper. Instead, we got a shit ton of micro greens on top of the sad flatbread. The succulent on the table next to the flatbread looked very similar to the flatbread itself. My dining partner did a nice job of summing up said small plate—“aquarium food.”

Overall, the entire atmosphere is extremely conflicting. While the space itself is really cool, the combination of ‘80s throwback music, overpriced, overly–sweet drinks and awkward clientele made for a weird experience. 

LOCATION: 1840 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

TL;DR: Overpriced but cool rooftop bar.

DON'T MISS: The view of Ben Franklin Parkway.

SKIP: Ordering anything.

WHEN TO GO: Whenever you become a Main Line mom and decide you want a girls night out with a view, bachelorette parties, whenever you need an Insta of you and your crew on the deck looking fly.