The 2016 presidential election is becoming the first internet election. First came Trump Yourself—Clinton's app for pasting Trump quotes onto people's profile pictures. Then came Twitter battles, viral memes mocking the election, live streams and gifs. Penn students voiced their political beliefs through Snapchat stories and Facebook statuses. Trump and Clinton took to Twitter like no presidential candidates ever before—and so did the voting population. In the spirit of all this, Street decided to type the candidates' names into google to see what the most helpful suggested searches were. This is what we found:

Street: What are some of the major questions you have about the 2016 presidential candidates?

The Internet: Is Hillary Clinton a reptilian? Is Hillary Clinton a robot? Are reptilians running the US government? Is Donald Trump dead? Is Donald Trump a Democrat? Is Donald Trump a priest? Did Bernie Sanders die?

Street: What information will inform your vote in the upcoming election?

TI: Hillary Clinton—Reptilian Shape Shifting Video Clip (Aliens are Real). Funny cats, brilliant cats—Brilliant cat attacks Donald Trump image. Buzzfeed: You're 18% Trump! Buzzfeed: A ranking of the hottest US Presidents. The Odyssey Articles on Pinterest.

Helpful for answering the question: Name something nice about each of the presidential candidates.

TI: I like Hillary Clinton's emails. Also, she is the meme queen because she is down with the dankest memes. Donald Trump knows words, best words. He has great hair.

Helpful for answering the question: What are the top voting issues in the 2016 election?

TI: Donald Trump's actual hand size, Hillary Clinton's pantsuit rainbow, The Reptilian Elite, cult stuff, the price of an Armani suit, Melania Trump's "pussy–bow" blouse, hot photos of young Tim Kaine.

Helpful for answering the question: What are the most important issues in  American politics?

TI: What do the scary clowns want? Can I write in Mickey Mouse for president? Is Melania Trump a regulation hottie? Why can't America be more like Canada? Should the Philadelphia Zoo name its new baby gorilla Harambe? (Ed. note: I personally voted for "Harambetter.")