What if all our actions had no consequences?

This seems like an easy question to answer—sounds to me like the world would be pretty dope. We wouldn’t need to wake up for work, no more studying for exams, do all the drugs you want without a come–down… While you’re at it, may as well go rob a fucking bank.

In the abstract, this all seems pretty great, and the thought always seems to occur to you when you’re drowning in deadlines and commitment and you’ve maxed out your food budget for the month on alcohol. But unfortunately, life doesn’t really work in the abstract, and even if your actions had no outside consequences for you personally, your neglectfulness or irresponsibility or recklessness would likely still have a significant impact on several others in the general vicinity of you. Rob a bank and you can buy that Balmain jacket, sure, but what about the people whose savings are now living on your back?

Obviously, the thought of life without consequences has occurred to me in the context of Game 7 coinciding with production for this magazine. Sure, I could just say fuck it and fly to Chicago for the game without any real consequences for myself, but then the magazine wouldn’t make it to the printer and you would all have to go a week without any of our stellar content. How sad would that be??

But seriously, acting without conscience may seem like a good idea at the time for you on a personal, individual level, but that type of thinking is narrow–minded and selfish. And, on the eve of an election that demands conscience, voting for the candidate that makes you feel good is so unspeakably self–indulgent. So is not voting. I don’t care if you are personally ambivalent. Your laziness could cost someone else their livelihood. This is not your president, this is America’s president, and you are just one of millions who it will affect.

So as you are reading this and thinking Jesus Christ this letter took a turn, open up your Google calendar and set a reminder to get off your ass on November 8 and GO VOTE. The world is a better place when we think beyond ourselves.