In a PR move that frustrated those in the Greek community who still delude themselves into believing downtowns are fun, an on–campus fraternity created a Facebook event for their downtown last Thursday and used a name that was too confusing, causing no one to show up.

“It was an unfortunate blend of circumstances,” said the social chair of the fraternity, who agreed to speak with Street on the condition of anonymity.

“We wanted to obscure our real name, but also make it clear that we were doing it so everyone thought we were cool, but I guess we went too far.”

The fraternity used the name “Crazy Elephant Productions Limited” in their promotional materials for the downtown in the hopes that their real identity would be concealed, but the confusing nature of the name appears to convey that the group went a step too far.

“Yeah, it was a problem,” said George Wasserman (W '18), a member of said fraternity.

“Essentially no one came. Everyone thought it was being hosted by like a production company or a circus act or a…I don’t know,” Wasserman said.

Wasserman and his fellow brothers reflected their frustration that no one ended up coming, lamenting the waste of another great theme that could have found a way to appropriate another culture.