Fresh Grocer (4001 Walnut)

FroGro is reliably open for late night baking and soda runs any time the craving hits. It’s also the most convenient on the list.

Trader Joe’s (2121 Market)

Trader Joe’s is one of the best things to grace this earth and I will fight you if you disagree. It’s not a far walk from campus, but if you’re carrying twelve bags of frozen blueberries on the way home (don’t judge me) it can feel like a hike. Oh, and watch out for long lines every afternoon when it seems like everyone and their mother is making a TJ’s run.

Whole Foods (2101 Pennsylvania Ave/929 South St)

It’s Whole Foods. Enough said. (Also, the walk down South Street is beautiful this time of year!)

Aldi (4421 Market)

Did you know this was here? Neither did I. But Aldi is a good discount grocery store even though the selection might not be as abundant as other places. It’s a great place to get your staples!

Mariposa Co-Op (4821 Baltimore)

Small, organic food store with a nice bulk section, specialty goods, and lots of vegan options! Mariposa has a lot of the same options as Whole Foods, and it’s just a 25-minute walk from campus. If you’re trying to support small local businesses, this is the place to go.

Hmart (7050 Terminal Square, Upper Darby)

It’s eighteen minutes by Septa, and it’s a whole new world. At Hmart, you can find Korean and Japanese ingredients, a food court, and a Paris Baguette Bakery. It’s not just food, either. Hmart stocks makeup, products, and other hard-to-find goods at its massive store.