If you can tell you went hard last night just by looking in the mirror, your skin might be suffering a hangover as well. Signs to look for? Puffy under–eye bags, dull complexion, the dead look in your bloodshot eyes (RIP). You probably know that alcohol’s dehydrating properties are directly responsible for most of your typical hangover symptoms, so it makes sense that they're also responsible for the condition of your skin. Your body will compensate by retaining water, causing the enlarged blood vessels and bloating that you typically experience in your skin. But there are a few ways of combating dehydration and treating your complexion so you can put your best face forward, even on an early Sunday morning.

Ways to Prevent

1. Sleep on your back with an extra pillow to promote the drainage of fluids from your face.

2. Wash off your makeup before bed and put on moisturizer to avoid clogged pores or skin that’s overly dry or oily, depending on your skin type.

3. We know it’s tempting, but if you can control yourself, avoid eating foods with high salt content. 

Ways to Treat

1. Put on a sheet mask with hyaluronic acid, which acts as a moisture magnet for the skin. Keep it in the fridge so that the cold will help to combat puffiness.

2. If your face is red, slather on plain yogurt onto your face as a face mask straight out of the kitchen. Leave it on for 5–10 minutes to fully reap its anti–inflammatory properties, especially if you have rosacea.

3. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels just below the skin and can be used to reduce swelling and balance your skin tone. Invest in an eye cream containing caffeine extract to incorporate into your morning skin routine. Or, if you’d rather go the DIY route, steep green tea bags in hot water, then gently press the excess liquid from the bags and refrigerate them. Once they’re cool to touch, place them on your eyes and lie back for 10–15 minutes of pure relaxation. 

Pamper yourself with any combination of the above so that the morning after a big night out, you’ll look ready to face the day—and maybe even feel like it, too.


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