All die–hard fans of Fleetwood Mac remember where they were when they first heard the opening strum of Rumours, the band's iconoclast album inspired by a year of tumultuous love affairs. For some, it was in the passenger seat of their mother’s car, where “Go Your Own Way” blasted on the ride to school. For others, it was in the sale section of Urban Outfitters, where the album was the soundtrack to your shopping spree. Regardless, Rumours is the kind of album that should be celebrated for its complex simplicity, catchy instrumentals, and emotional core. 

FleetMac Wood, a cohort of DJs, is dedicated to revitalizing the classic soft rock band for dance floors full of 20–somethings. The group was founded by UK–based DJs and Fleetwood Mac superfans Lisa Jelliffe, who goes by the stage name Roxanne Roll, and Alex Oxley. They are taking their self–proclaimed “hedonistic dance party”—aptly titled The Rumours Rave—to Philadelphia on Oct. 18 at Underground Arts.  

Jolenta Valeniece // Photo courtesy of FleetMac Wood

Rumours Rave “is about the music, the audience, and how the audience is celebrating...and connecting with one another,” said Oxley in an interview with Attendees dance to non–stop Fleetwood Mac for four hours, with a reworked version of the event’s namesake album beginning around midnight. But Stevie Nicks purists need not worry; FleetMac Wood combines beloved originals with unreleased tracks and remixes for a set that feels kind of like a thrifted flannel—old and familiar, yet entirely new. 

Jelliffe, who will be spinning tracks at the Philly show, wants the night to feel like “musical therapy.” By harnessing the intensely emotional core and rock ’n’ roll essence of Fleetwood Mac’s discography and updating it with a disco–leaning sensibility, this gang of DJs creates a sound that packs more of a punch than, say, “Body” or whatever track is plaguing frat parties. Moreover, FleetMac Wood mixes live, allowing them to flow easily between crowd–pleasers like “Dreams,” and hidden gems like “Silver Springs.”

Jolenta Valeniece // Photo courtesy of FleetMac Wood

Jelliffe “wants to make it about more than just playing their greatest hits.” Thus, Rumours Rave is a fully immersive experience. Guests are expected to come in theme, so grab your bell–bottoms and dress like it’s 1977. The event captures the band’s essence too, by utilizing psychedelic lighting arrangements, subtle witchy stylings, and vintage Fleetwood Mac–themed backdrops. The goal, it seems, is to create a momentary escape from our 21st century, first world problems. 

Jolenta Valeniece // Photo courtesy of FleetMac Wood

So, whether it’s midterm grades or this bipolar Philadelphia weather that’s bumming you out, spend your Thursday at Rumours Rave, an event dedicated to the greatest band, greatest album, and greatest dance party of all time. 


FleetMac Wood Presents Rumours Rave 

Date: Oct. 19: 10 p.m.—2 a.m. 

Location: Underground Arts | 1200 Callowhill St.

Special Details: Tickets: $12 advance | 21+ | Dress Code: '70s or celebratory sparkles


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