Even though many students decided to come back to Philly this fall, it is undeniable that the on–campus experience is drastically different. Now, everyday activities have to be reimagined in ways that are socially–distant. Even the experience of grabbing food has changed; with dining halls closed and a lot more time spent indoors, it seems like the perfect opportunity to work on some cooking skills. 

Even though Fresh Grocer—the go–to supermarket for most Penn students—is now closed, there are endless options to get your groceries if you're on campus. 

Best For: Buying groceries close to campus


Located at 4301 Walnut Street, Supremo is one of the best locations if you’re looking to buy groceries close to campus. Even though it’s a couple blocks down, it has a variety of options at great prices. Bonus for international students: Supremo has sections dedicated to foods from different regions (shoutout to the Herdez salsa verde supply).

Photo: Fernanda Brizuela

Best For: Produce

Produce Stand on Locust Walk

If you’re looking for some fruits and veggies, pay a visit to the produce stand on Locust Walk. You can find the stand right across the street from Saxby’s on 40th Street, filled with a number of reasonably priced options. It’s definitely worth it to pay a visit and help out a local business. Make sure to bring your cash with you to snag their great deals, such as the 2 box for $3 blueberry special. 

Photo: Fernanda Brizuela

Best For: Boujee options

Heirloom Market

Found on 3401 Chestnut, Heirloom Market is also a great location for those who live on the eastern side of campus. Even though the prices are a bit higher than other locations, Heirloom has great options if you're looking for something a little fancy. Make sure to check out their great wine and protein selections. 

Photo: Fernanda Brizuela

Best For: Bang for your buck 


Located at 4421 Market, ALDI is closer to those on the western side of campus. However, it's worth the walk if you're looking to get great quality for low prices. ALDI is one of the best locations to stay within the college student budget. 

Best For: Saving a trip to the supermarket

Amazon Fresh 

Amazon Fresh has always been a great option for those who don’t have time to go to the supermarket. Now, it's even more convenient if you're looking to maintain some social distance. Amazon Fresh is the perfect way to put that Prime Student account to use. With the next day delivery option, you can get groceries with a swift click of your mouse. Bonus for those who prefer organic options: Amazon Fresh has great selections of some Whole Foods favorites. 

Best For: Finding trusty brands

Walmart Delivery 

Walmart is always reliable, with a lot of options and well–known brands. Now, they are also offering a delivery service! If you’re used to shopping at Walmart back home, this might be the way to go. There is no membership necessary, and the delivery can be scheduled to receive the items right at your door. 

Best For: Good frozen meals

Trader Joe’s

Located at 2121 Market, Trader Joe’s is close enough to take a nice walk or a quick car ride. Best for those who want to try different foods, Trader Joe’s has a great frozen meal selection (incredible for college students with full schedules). Some of the famous options include mandarin chicken and cauliflower gnocchi. It also has some great finds, such as organic produce and the popular “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning. 

Best For: Those who are clueless in the kitchen

Hello Fresh

Even though this option might be a little more pricey, it's great for those who either don’t have time to think about ingredients or for those who are just completely clueless in the kitchen. With Hello Fresh, you can choose from a variety of delicious meals. Then, you can schedule weekly deliveries that include everything you need to make a dish, with just the right portions to prepare it. It’s as easy as choosing your food and then following simple recipes, all the while saving you a trip to the grocery store. 

Even though ACME may not be open at 40th and Walnut yet, there are a number of places you can go to depending on what you’re looking for. Explore your options, use some of your extra time in your apartment, and get cooking!