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Fernanda Brizuela


One Direction Is Still Making History

After 10 years, the band's fan base continues to prove their unwavering support. 

Social Distance–Sing: The Pennchants' Virtual Concert Series

How the Pennchants successfully transformed their spring show into a fundraiser.

The LP Show: The Future of Live Music?

Liam Payne shows how performers can adapt to the reality of social distancing in creating more interactive experiences for their fans.

Paintru: The Startup That Immortalizes Memories

Paintru is revolutionizing the way to get custom artwork— all the while fostering community in Wharton and beyond.

A YA Novel's Perfect Ending Helps Me Cope With My Imperfect Reality

How old books have reminded me of the comfort found in teenager fiction amidst a global pandemic.

Ego of the Week: Quarantine Edition

A look into how two students have adapted their schedules for a summer at home. 

TikTok Trend Alert: Reserving Tickets for Trump Rallies

How Gen Z trolled the President of the United States

Walls For Justice: Protesting With a Paintbrush

Walls For Justice seeks to unify the Philadelphia community through art.

"People are just going to be ready to learn": Professor Gillion on PSCI 231: Race & Ethnic Politics

As students look to learn more about race dynamics, this Penn professor discusses the ways students can academically explore their excitement for political change.

The Responsibility of Celebrities Within Social Media Platforms

For public figures with millions of impressionable followers, sharing a picture with a #blacklivesmatter caption isn’t enough 

Tiger Zhang on Fostering Community through the Performing Arts

Tiger reflects on his time with Pennchants—before and after the advent of the COVID–19 pandemic.

OAX's Pledge to Battle Systemic Racism—and What That Entails

As Penn organizations step up, OAX members share the measures they have taken toward becoming a more welcoming organization. 

Penn 10: AJ Brodeur

AJ Brodeur on finding his home at Penn through the Men's Basketball team.

Epidemics, Natural Disasters, and Geopolitics: Professor Mauro Guillén's Pertinent Class on Pandemics

Professor Guillén's 2000–student class addresses the pressing questions of the pandemic.

‘Medicine Can Be A Way To Commit Acts Of Kindness’: Humanizing the Medical Field in Philadelphia

Carolyn Chow is a global health leader in Philadelphia—thanks to her multifaceted approach and religious community. 

Sophia Velasquez on the Valuable Lessons of the Bartending Industry

Sophia talks about her experiences as a bartender, and the way she plans to pursue this industry in the future.

Meet Jazzy Ortega, One of the Students Behind Benny’s Diner

Jazzy tells us about the skills she has gained at Wilcaf, and how the experience paved the way to opening Benny’s Diner.

Meet Jeff Zucker, the Student Who is Training Student-Athletes to Save Lives

Jeff tells us about his passion for helping people on and off the tennis court. 

Sukaina Hirji Teaches Students Philosophical Ways to Approach Love and Sex

Behind Penn's 1.5* Minute Climate Lectures

Three lecturers discuss ways students can become environmentally sustainable on campus. 
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