COVID–19 has undoubtedly changed the Philly food scene, shifting both how and where we eat. By shutting down dine–in restaurants during the pandemic, food delivery services have been the only way for us to safely enjoy gourmet food from the comfort of our own home. In a time where we’re so reliant on UberEats and Grubhub, ghost kitchens have opened to fill the void—thriving where most dine–in only restaurants are struggling. 

While ghost kitchens sound spooky at first, they’re really just restaurants on food delivery apps that don’t have any dine–in options, but rather only offer delivery. And they’re more ubiquitous than you might think. 

From David Chang’s Fuku to Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchens, celebrity chefs everywhere have been capitalizing on this newfound restaurant trend. After all, not having a physical restaurant provides infinite flexibility in cuisine and creativity. But ghost kitchens aren’t unique to celebrity chefs. They’re also run by restaurant chefs operating out of giant warehouses and working in the kitchens of other established restaurants.

By exclusively running through delivery services, restaurants can make any cuisine they want by simply changing their branding style on UberEats. For example, fried chicken restaurants can now sell salads and other healthy options by creating a new virtual brand, working right out of their already existing kitchens. Because of this, ghost kitchens can provide room for both creativity and adaptability, and they're taking over the restaurant scene. 

Dozens of Philly’s biggest ghost kitchens operate out of 3300 Fairmount Ave. in a kitchen warehouse known as Fairfoods. From tacos to burgers to dumplings, the ghost kitchens working in Fairfoods Warehouse have every type of cuisine imaginable. 

Looking to order from a ghost kitchen? Here are a few of our favorites.


Celebrity chef David Chang, best known for being the mastermind behind Milk Bar and Momofuku Noodle Bar, has expanded his famous fried chicken concept restaurant Fuku to Philadelphia as a ghost kitchen. With juicy fried chicken sandwiches and jalapeño powder–dusted fries, Fuku is unmatched in both its execution and simplicity. 

Billy Pete’s Take Out

Billy Pete’s Take Out specializes in comfort food. The ghost kitchen operates out of 3300 Fairmount Ave., and has everything you could possibly want for a late night snack. Whether you're craving burgers or loaded tater tots, order from here if you’re looking for something greasy and satisfying. 

L–Jeffe Mexican Street Food

L–Jeffe Mexican Street Food has nachos, tacos, burritos, and more. With their chunky guacamole and their signature empanadas, L–Jeffe provides hot, fresh Mexican food in generous portions. Also a member of the Fairfoods Warehouse family, order from this ghost kitchen when you’re looking for late night tacos.