Summer is here, which means bright colors and vibrant patterns are in. And as fashion becomes more vivid, so does makeup—you’ve probably seen dozens of celebrities and influencers rocking creative looks on social media. While it might feel daunting to attempt some of the looks that have been gracing your Instagram explore page lately, you don’t need to be a makeup artist to add some fun shapes and colors to your skill set. So if you’re searching for some beginner–friendly ideas to elevate your look, check out this list of the best trends to try this summer.

Graphic Liner

Graphic eyeliner has taken the makeup industry by storm recently. It’s been seen on everyone from A–list celebrities to your favorite TikTok stars to ordinary people on the street. And although it can be intimidating to makeup newbies, there are a lot of graphic liner styles that are surprisingly easy. This beautiful floral design by @cutcreaser, for example, is deceptively simple—just dip the round end of a bobby pin into your liner (a hydro liner is best for this), then create a flower shape out of dots. (For larger flowers, use the end of a brush handle.) Finish with a simple wing and some mascara, and you look like you’ve got a garden on your eyes. 

Difficulty: 3/5

Bleached Brows

Ironically, bleached brows have been called the biggest anti–beauty trend of 2021, but we still think it’s a fun way to change up your look for the summer. These "invisible" brows make any simple look feel unique. Plus, it’s super easy to achieve—just bleach your eyebrows like you would any other hair (while being extra careful to avoid the eyes), and you’ve got an attention–grabbing look with zero daily effort. It's one–and–done. As a bonus, if you try out any colorful eye makeup looks, they’ll pop even more against the blank canvas of a blonde brow.

Difficulty: 2/5 

Bright Shapes

Doja Cat is certainly known for her creative fashion and beauty, but did you know she does some of her own makeup looks? This is just one of her many colorful designs, and it’s not too difficult to replicate. Create a round shape over your entire eyelid with a concealer or eye primer, and set it with a vivid eyeshadow. Pick a complementary eyeliner color (or stick to a simple white or black) to outline and add small circular accents to the original shape. And just like that, you’ve created a futuristic design that will make you feel like an extra in her hit “Need To Know” music video.

Difficulty: 2/5

Dark Lip Liner

Now that many places are lifting mask mandates, it’s time to start being more creative about lip color. If you’re looking for a way to spice up a basic nude lip, try using a liner that’s a few shades darker than your main color. You could even use a black liner for a dramatic, almost gothic style. Blend the edges and add a bit of gloss on top, and suddenly you’ve got a beautiful gradient effect fit for a supermodel in the '90s—or Megan Thee Stallion in 2021. 

Difficulty: 1/5


While similar to graphic liner, this style of eyeliner is different in that it doesn’t just use your eyelid space—it also extends across the nose bridge. @adultsdrink has been credited with popularizing the style, and we can see why—their bright, abstract looks are mesmerizing. While it might seem like a lot of work to paint both your eyes and nose, this style is actually more beginner–friendly because you don’t need to worry about adapting the style to fit your eyelid shape. As a bonus, the abstract pattern means that there are no mistakes—just interesting shapes. 

Difficulty: 3/5

Pop of Color

For those who prefer a more natural look but still want a pop of color, try adding a splash of a vibrant neon or pastel to an otherwise neutral eyeshadow look. Opt for a neon shade in the inner half of the crease like Selena Gomez, or add a pastel shimmer to your inner corner. Either way, this is a super easy way to spice up your makeup and still be out the door in just a couple minutes.

Difficulty: 1/5

For many, this past year was understandably one of unbrushed hair and pajama days. Dressing up to greet the day felt like an impossible, pointless task. But now, as we enter summer and many of us are fortunate enough to be out and about again, perhaps you're looking to add a little something extra to your getting ready routine. If so, we've got you covered.