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Amanpreet Singh


Augmented Reality Brings Murals to Life

In West Philadelphia, a lone mural uses technology to immerse viewers in the African diaspora.

Penn Monologues: A Transformation

Penn V-Day’s new performance offers a space for reflection and healing.

'We Are Still Here': A Tale of Native American Resistance

Street previews Manahatta, one of the first Native American stories to be brought to campus. 

Art: A Love Language

We asked Penn students why they create and love art. Here's what they said.

Meet Sophie Shen, the Wharton Sophomore Who Will Paint on Anything

Artist Spotlight | Drawing on shoes and jackets, Sophie infuses creativity into nearly everything she does.

Karyn Olivier’s ‘Everything That’s Alive Moves’: An Exercise in Memory

This ICA exhibit constructs a space where spectacle is expected, but intimacy is essential. 

Ego of the Week: Eva Zhang

Meet the Penn senior whose work with the Assembly of International Students put her on the map.

Ego of the Week: Alexa Murray

Meet the senior who's a double varsity athlete captain and a member of the Advanced Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board.

Ego of the Week: Laurel Jaffe

Meet the PennQuest film buff.

Ego of the Week: Julia Coquard

Meet the Penn senior who became one of Sweden's most famous beauty bloggers at 13.

Ego of the Week: Stephanie Wu

The Penn Debate Society president discusses her love for gender equity and what it's like coming from Australia to Wharton.

Meet Kia DaSilva, Penn's Archeology Lover Who Spent Her Childhood Living in the Quad

From Riepe baby to Riepe RA, meet the Near East languages and civilizations major rooted in Penn's campus.

Ego of the Week: Cinthia Ibarra

The chair of external affairs for the Latinx Coalition on her childhood, wanting to work for the FBI, and her favorite book.

Ego of the Week: Teddy Kurkoski

Meet the Penn senior who loves drag, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and sub–matriculated to get a master's in Materials Science and Engineering.

Ego of the Week: Luis Rosario

Meet the Penn senior who is just as comfortable on the dance floor as he is in the lab. 

Ego of the Week: Stephen Damianos

Meet the Penn senior who has dedicated his life to empowering refugees.

Ego of the Week: Scheherbano Rafay

Meet the tech director for Bloomers

Ego of the Week: Madison Dawkins

Meet the Penn senior whose passion for mass incarceration reform led her to start BARS: Beyond Arrests: Re–Thinking Systematic Oppression

Ego of the Week: Anna Thompson

From winning the world championship with the U.S. mixed national frisbee team to loving &pizza

Ego of the Week: Carlos Price–Sanchez

Meet the Philly native who published his own poetry chapbook and sub–matriculated into the Graduate School of Education.
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