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Arielle Stanger


Penn 10: Manoj Simha

Manoj’s Wharton experience hasn’t been about turning money into more money; it’s been about building something from the ground up.

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

While the COVID–19 pandemic led many restaurants across the city to close, others head in new directions as they navigate an ever–evolving restaurant landscape. 

Letter from the 'Love, Actually' Editor

On self–growth, love languages, and love, actually

If You Love Ice Cream but Fruit is Your Jam, Head Over to the Chilly Banana

Who said healthy has to be boring?

Paradise Lost: The Fall From Grace in HBO's 'The White Lotus'

The show unfolds and the fun unravels, revealing layers of irony about white privilege and Hawaiian tourism.

Penn 10: Bernie Wang

Bernie's passions for energy research, trombone, and tae kwon do followed him from grade school to Penn.

HBO Max's 'Made For Love' Explores A New Side of Relationships

What would happen if 'Toxic' by Britney Spears was the soundtrack to '1984' by George Orwell?

'Shiva Baby' Encapsulates Chaotic Jewish Family Events

Six degrees of separation? In the Jewish world, it's more like two.

'Concrete Cowboy' and Philly's Real Black Stables

The movie, filmed in Philadelphia by a local director, shares the story of the city's Black cowboys.

'Raya and the Last Dragon': Disney Can Do More to Stop Anti–Asian Hate

As accurate and empowering as the cultural representation in the film may be, it simply isn't enough.

Jewish Nominees in the Upcoming 2021 Oscar Awards

After the antisemitic controversies faced by SNL and NBC, the positive representation of Jewish people in entertainment comes with a sigh of relief.

Netflix's 'Bad Trip' Packs a Whole Lot of Chaos in 90 Minutes

This hidden–camera prank comedy will have you at the edge of your seat—and then falling off of it from laughter.

Grassroots Food Truck is Planting Seeds in the Philadelphia Community

Founders and chefs Troy Harris and Kareem Wallace provide more than just delicious food.

Movie Theaters Have Started Reopening: How and Why?

Silence your cell phone, put on a mask, and enjoy the show.

'The Bachelor' and Diversity: How its Efforts Have Continuously Failed

Their baby steps often send them in the wrong direction.

The Golden Globes: Reimagining The Awards Show

The recent Golden Globes made it clear that changes to the awards show process were made out of necessity during the pandemic. But what about inclusivity?

Pulling Back the Curtain on 'iCarly'

What went over our heads as kids, and what went on behind the scenes

'Firefly Lane' is the Road to Quick and Easy Entertainment

Like eating popcorn, 'Firefly Lane' is pretty unfulfilling—but at least it gives you something to do.

Dancing with the Devil: Dance in Horror Films

Dance horror is the genre where the graceful meets the grotesque. 

A Tribute to the Legendary Larry King

Appreciating the highlights of his extensive career
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