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Spit, Roast, Repeat

Marc Vetri's newest restaurant brings us back to our primal meat-on-a-stick roots.

Boyfriend Swap

ABC brought you Wife Swap, but in honor of Valentine's Day, Ego is bringing you the less shitty, equally as unrealistic, Boyfriend Swap. Both of the Ego editors put their professional and romantic relationships on the line, all for the sake of "journalism" (read: Distrito margaritas). 

Haunted Philadelphia by Candlelight

Supposedly, Philadelphia is one of the most haunted cities in America. Street took a tour (info below) of the Old City haunts to hear the ghost stories behind them—all based on numerous accounts. Don’t believe them? Go see-ance for yourself.

All Kale the Sweets

P.S.&Co: Where vegans can eat more than just air

Fernand Leger at the PMA

If Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby epitomizes the Roaring Twenties of New York, then Fernand Léger’s “The City” exemplifies Les Années Folles of Paris—the centerpiece of the recently debuted exhibit, “Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis,” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Have Your Drink and Eat it Too

Top off your buzz with a Halloween sugar rush that'd make any 10–year–old jealous.
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