ABC brought you Wife Swap, but in honor of Valentine's Day, Ego is bringing you the less shitty, equally as unrealistic, Boyfriend Swap. Both of the Ego editors put their professional and romantic relationships on the line, all for the sake of "journalism" (read: Distrito margaritas). 

Randi Kramer: When we came up with boyfriend swap, I thought it was hilarious—some co–editor bonding, many margaritas and not–so–secretly manipulating our boyfriends. But when Evan and Casey sat down for their date at 8:15, and I still had half an hour before I met Sam, I got nervous. Do I put makeup on? Do I dress up? This was the weirdest situation. But because the date was totally no pressure, Sam and I got dive right into the big stuff. Sam and I aren’t about to go running off into the sunset, but at least we can plan some adventurous double dates. Maybe the aquarium next? 

Casey Quackenbush: I went into this date with the full intention of stealing Randi’s boyfriend. As I pregamed alone, she gave me some conversation pointers: “Tell him you heard he’s an NJB.” (Ed. note: that's Nice Jewish Boy for the WASPs among us.) I had no idea what that meant, but based on his negative reaction when I brought it up, Randi was obviously trying to sabotage me. The more I tried to drink away my embarrassment, the more fish tacos ended up in my lap. Then double shots of tequila from Randi and Sam arrived with the message, “Dont fuck with us.” Game over. 

Why did you agree to this?

Evan Korn:  Because Randi asked me to. I’m super whipped. 

Sam Gerson: If Christ sacrificed himself for humanity, I'd certainly do so for Street. More importantly, my girlfriend asked me to, and you never bite the hand that feeds…

How did you feel going into this?

Evan Korn:  I was excited, a little bit anxious. Excited particularly for free food and margaritas. I live for free food. 

Sam Gerson: Kind of how the guys who killed Bin Laden felt: the mission could have been a rousing success or an utter failure.

Best part of the meal?

Evan Korn:  Sending shots to Sam and Randi for their “first anniversary.”

Sam Gerson: Realizing that the DP was about to subsidize my drinking problem. (Ed. note: This didn't happen. Lol no.)


Evan Korn: The unnecessary judgmental look the waiter gave me when I kept ordering margaritas.

Sam Gerson: Realizing that the frozen margarita machine still had more to give, but I didn’t.

Tell me one thing you liked about your date. 

Evan Korn: I can now add "went on a date with a Tabard girl" to my LinkedIn profile. 

Sam Gerson: She liked to eat! It sounds trivial, but sharing food with another person is the most 

unifying act on this planet, besides of course....

Tell me one thing you disliked about your date.

Evan Korn: I got nothing. She was great! 

Sam Gerson: That she wears glasses. I mean come on Randi, are your eyes even trying?

Will you leave your significant other for your date?

Evan Korn: No plans to at the moment. 

Sam Gerson: If Randi dyes her hair blonde, takes up skiing and can avoid Casey’s unfailing ability to flail some part of her body and somehow cause me pain, then sign me up!