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Chelsey Zhu


Constantly Watched But Nearly Invisible

Uyghur students reflect on a childhood of discrimination and the challenges of studying in the U.S.

An Ode to “Fake” Chinese Food

How fried rice and noodles made me appreciate my parents and culture. 

The Big Unknown: Will Students Social Distance On Campus?

University administrators and professors say it’s up to us to control outbreaks. But can we bear the burden? 

Unpacking Systemic Racism in Healthcare—HIST 560: Race, Gender, and Medicine in U.S. History Does Just That, And More

The summer history seminar explores how racial and gender discrimination has fueled inequalities in public health, drawing parallels to the present day pandemic. 

What the Freshman 15 Can Teach Us About the Quarantine 15 Trend

 Quarantine can worsen body image. Remember to be gentle with yourself. 

Racism is Ingrained in Asian American Communities. We Can Change That.

A letter to young Asian Americans on confronting racism 

Penn 10: Hadassah Raskas

Hadassah’s sage advice for navigating Penn and quarantine: stay true to who you are, practice gratitude, and remember to take a breather. 

'Moments Like This': Three Penn Quarantine Narratives

How we bond over Minecraft, dance, and Mafia. 

'You Are Not Alone'

How group therapy at CAPS helps students find strength in connection and vulnerability

Eating Vegan For A Week: How Hard Is It?

It turns out making this lifestyle change is accessible and delicious. 

'Revolution of Our Times': Penn Students from Hong Kong Reflect on the Protests

From being a part of protests to worrying about family at home, how the movement abroad affects Penn students

When Tutoring Programs Fail

What does Penn owe to Philly public schools?

Sunset Social Brings You Back to Summer

This casual diner serves burgers, bowls, and drinks atop Cira Green.

The Art of Making Authentic Chinese Dumplings

Save a trip to Chinatown. Make dumplings from your dorm. 

Hulu’s 'Harlots' is Sexy, Scandalous, and Super Progressive

The historical drama breathes life into the stories of poor, brown, and LGBTQ women in the 18th century. 

'Madam President' is Not Just a Dream Anymore

Why I have a feeling the 2020 presidential election is going to be different. 

How to Get Into Fitness for Beginners

Exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating.

An Introduction to FDR Park’s Cambodian Food Market

The best place for Southeast Asian street food that you’ve never heard of. 

A Look at What’s Inside the Penn Book Center

From apocalyptic survival guides to infuriating children’s books, the Penn Book Center has a lot to offer.

I Went Back to High School, and It Felt Like I Was Still at Penn

Penn Face and unhealthy competition start way before most of us step foot on campus.
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