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Chelsey Zhu


The Art of Making Authentic Chinese Dumplings

Save a trip to Chinatown. Make dumplings from your dorm. 

Hulu’s 'Harlots' is Sexy, Scandalous, and Super Progressive

The historical drama breathes life into the stories of poor, brown, and LGBTQ women in the 18th century. 

'Madam President' is Not Just a Dream Anymore

Why I have a feeling the 2020 presidential election is going to be different. 

How to Get Into Fitness for Beginners

Exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating.

An Introduction to FDR Park’s Cambodian Food Market

The best place for Southeast Asian street food that you’ve never heard of. 

A Look at What’s Inside the Penn Book Center

From apocalyptic survival guides to infuriating children’s books, the Penn Book Center has a lot to offer.

I Went Back to High School, and It Felt Like I Was Still at Penn

Penn Face and unhealthy competition start way before most of us step foot on campus.

The Best and Cheapest Things to Do in Philly on Memorial Day Weekend

Celebrate Memorial Day on a college budget.

Meet Natasha Menon, Your New UA President

The Penn junior talks about running the Undergraduate Assembly, tutoring immigrant children in Philly, and drafting legislation for housing discrimination. 

Meet Samira Mehta, the Student Who’s Changing How We Think About Water at Penn

The sophomore reflects on her long history with Isla Urbana and the urgency of water scarcity issues around the world. 

Penn 10: Jackson Betz

The mallets player and self–described architecture nerd reflects on his bumpy and enlightening journey at Penn, and the personal connections he's made. 

Emily Cieslak: Writer, Stylist, Fashion Connoisseur

The Penn senior talks about her experience with The WALK, Penn fashion, and clothes as a form of self–expression.

Meet the Penn English Department's Superstar Storyteller

Deborah Burnham talks about literature, the Penn English Department, and running a writing workshop for cancer patients.

Find Five–Star Dining From a College Dorm with the Supper Club

Supper Club hosts Leah Sprague and Xander Gottfried discuss cooking on campus, improvisation, and food as a potential career.

Meet the Penn Senior Who Doubles as a Professional Service Dog Trainer

Libby Rockaway trains these canine companions to help people with type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Jorge Santiago-Aviles and His Passion for Supercapacitors, Gardening, and Living in KCECH

The KCECH faculty director and electrical engineering professor discusses his love for the sciences. 

Penn Band President Jacob Linfesty Bleeds Red and Blue—And He Plays It Too

This Penn junior discusses how having a creative outlet has transformed his college experience
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