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Faryn Pearl


Ego Presents: Things We Should Be Thankful For

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Review: Honey's Sit 'N Eat

Southern–Fried Chutzpah

New School Year Resolutions...

(and Why They Won't Happen)

Your Cinedelphia Film Festival Itinerary

Philly ‘80s Horror Double  Feature April 7, 7 P.M. at PhilaMOCA 531 N 12th St. Philadelphia has always been a hub for so–bad–they’re–good horror B–movies.

Interview with Penn Film Festival Winner Julie Adam

College freshman Julie Adam talks about her winning short animation “Minature.”

Spring Break Expectations Versus Reality

According to the movies, your spring break should be filled with adventure, romance, and a ton of fun in the sun. Movies lie.

SNL RECAP: Christoph Waltz

First, I have to admit: I j’adore Christoph Waltz.

Oscar Nominated Short Films: Live Action

The category’s often overlooked, but many great directors got their start in the live action short category. You can check out these films at the Ritz at the Bourse.

Oscar Nominated Short Films: Animated

From claymation to The Simpsons, this year’s crop of animated short films offer a wide range of style and theme. You can check out these films at the Ritz at the Bourse.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Justin Bieber

Or, “Things about Comedy We All Knew Beforehand”

Beck's Cajun Cafe: Cajun (Food) Court

Skip the 28–hour train: Beck's Cajun Cafe takes you to Louisiana in minutes

Start Your Morning on the Sweet Side

The most important meal of the day is brunch at Supper.

Lowbrow Gets Lazy: Lowbrow's Parents Write the Section

Lowbrow hopes that you had a wonderful Family Weekend filled with free food, hugs and your mom doing your laundry.

Things I Learned From Sesame Street

Governor Mitt Romney recently announced that he would cut funding to the Public Broadcasting Service, specifically to shows like "Sesame Street," which has been running for upwards of 40 years.

Penn Creatures: An Illustrated Field Guide

Flyering: The Untold Story

Everyone has to flyer on Locust Walk at some point in their lives. What you probably didn’t know is that everyone involved hates it.

Honestly Delicious

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop simply succeeds

Spring Break, Continued

Take yourself back Spring Break with these handy tips.

You Got Mickey In My Mononoke

In Which the Japanese Borrowers Borrow from Disney

Love, And Other Factors

Giving your Valentine the perfect gift isn’t easy.
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