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Hannah Keyser


A Clever Concept Restaurant

The Farmers’ Cabinet serves up quality food amidst rustic elegance.

Review: Dutch Eating Place

Dutch Eating Place serves up no–fuss food for cheap.

Review: The Farm and the Fisherman

The Farm and the Fisherman offers a classy way to show you care.

Review: Marabella Meatball Co.

Satisfying sandwiches, little innovation.

Honoring D'Harnoncourt

Newly rechristened in honor of the late Anne d’Harnoncourt, the PMA’s sculpture garden adds additions to its urban sanctuary.

Behind the Scenes of Philadelphia's Most Successful Sports Teams

With the man who is all up in their business.

To Market, To Market

The Reading Terminal Market has some of the most satisfying lunch options in the city, and certainly the most varied under one roof.

A Real Porker

I wanted to label Le Cochon Noir as a diamond in the rough. The Philadelphia Business and Technology Center is not just an unassuming location, it’s practically out of the city limits (okay, maybe not, but how often do you find yourself at 50th and Parkside?). Inside, the space has a warehouse feel: exposed pipes, a completely open kitchen, and a floor that has paint stains from the last few incarnations of the building.

Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum

The website for Tweed proclaims that the new restaurant is “much like it’s name.” To restaurateur Edward Bianchini’s credit, the experience is, as the website’s predicted manifestation of the fabric, one of “leisure and sophistication.” But consider what the unofficial uniform of British landed gentry is not: tweed is not sexy, sensual, exotic, avant garde, or particularly memorable.
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