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Jean Paik


Support Local Artists and Mutual Aid at the Feminist Flea Market

This flea market & craft fair is creating space for radical joy, connection, and solidarity. 

Marlei’s Sweet Tooth: An Ice Cream Lover’s Paradise

This new ice cream shop has creative sweet concoctions for people of all ages.

How Prison Labor is on the Front Lines of Environmental Disaster Relief

Inmates are exploited as cheap labor to fight the climate crisis, while simultaneously being considered disposable. 

Behind the Curtain of Social Justice Instagram Accounts

It's unethical for white-led social justice pages to be ambiguous about their identity. 

Billionaires Aren’t the Philanthropists They Think They Are

The rich’s charity work doesn’t address social inequality—it reinforces it. 

Congee and the Problem of Asian Food Appropriation

Asian food doesn’t need to be “improved” to fit white aesthetics.

How Philly is Crafting the Road Towards Restorative Justice

Philadelphia has created a slew of initiatives that foster accountability, not carcerality.

Community Gardens Grow Food—and Social Transformation

How community gardens can help create a more just future

Broken Promises: Deportations Continue Under Biden’s Administration

President Joe Biden promised no more deportations in the first 100 days of his administration. What happened?

The Emptiness of Wall Street's 'Fearless Girl' Statue

Feminism is more than breaking through the glass ceiling. 

Fresh From the Farm: Farmers' Market Vendors Prove Their Resilience During the Pandemic

Local farmers and bakers continue to bring joy—and great products—to Philly’s outdoor market scene

'Kiki’s Delivery Service' Is an Honest Look at Creative Burnout

What can a 13–year–old witch tell us about labor and the pressures of turning our passions into side hustles? 

The Grind Never Stops, Even in Our Sleep

Revenge bedtime procrastination is another reason why self–care shouldn’t be a luxury.

We Need to Condemn Anti–Asian Violence, But Not Through More Policing

Relying on racist and oppressive systems won't keep our communities safe. 
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