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Jean Paik


A is for Aspiring Educators at Penn

Penn’s new club for teacher hopefuls is a lesson in community–building, as they work to create a sustainable future for education.

A Reverberating Victory: Shut Down Berks and the Fight for Immigrant Liberation

The Berks County Residential Center was officially emptied this month following nearly a decade of campaigning to shut down the immigration prison. 

Fresh and Vibrant Flavors Thrive at Hibiscus Cafe

Look no further for your next vegan–plus food and smoothie spot than this West Philly gem.

“A Sustainable Marketplace”: Reimagining Sustainable Futures

The Feminist Flea Market and Grant Blvd highlight local sustainability–focused artists with their upcoming market on Earth Day weekend.

For Great Food and Some Cultural History, Stroll the Streets of the Century–Old Italian Market

The businesses on South Philly's 9th Street have been here for decades. Here's a look into where they've been, and where they're going.

Leading with Love

With warmth and care, these grassroots organizations show how their work for social justice is a labor of love.

Labor Organizing is on the Rise—and Philly Workers are Taking a Stand

How labor unions are asserting their power during the pandemic

YouTuber Apology Videos: What Does It Mean to Be ‘Held Accountable’?

It takes more than a teary YouTube video to meaningfully address harm.

Capitalist Critique on the Big Screen

Is spectacle necessary for the popularity of anti–capitalist media? 

Gwen Stefani, the Harajuku Girls, and the Asian Pop Culture Fantasy

The fetishization of Asian aesthetics by celebrities isn't the representation we need.

Hawaii and the Harm of “Coronacations”

How vacation trips during the pandemic threaten the safety of Native Hawaiians

Support Local Artists and Mutual Aid at the Feminist Flea Market

This flea market & craft fair is creating space for radical joy, connection, and solidarity. 

Marlei’s Sweet Tooth: An Ice Cream Lover’s Paradise

This new ice cream shop has creative sweet concoctions for people of all ages.

How Prison Labor is on the Front Lines of Environmental Disaster Relief

Inmates are exploited as cheap labor to fight the climate crisis, while simultaneously being considered disposable. 

Behind the Curtain of Social Justice Instagram Accounts

It's unethical for white-led social justice pages to be ambiguous about their identity. 

Billionaires Aren’t the Philanthropists They Think They Are

The rich’s charity work doesn’t address social inequality—it reinforces it. 

Congee and the Problem of Asian Food Appropriation

Asian food doesn’t need to be “improved” to fit white aesthetics.

How Philly is Crafting the Road Towards Restorative Justice

Philadelphia has created a slew of initiatives that foster accountability, not carcerality.

Community Gardens Grow Food—and Social Transformation

How community gardens can help create a more just future

Broken Promises: Deportations Continue Under Biden’s Administration

President Joe Biden promised no more deportations in the first 100 days of his administration. What happened?
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