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Joe Pinsker


Street in the Early 2010s: ‘Not Terribly Dramatic,’ but ‘Contagiously Fun’

2012 Managing Editor Joe Pinsker recalls Street’s not–so–distant past.

Tequilas: High Teq–uila

This upscale Mexican joint is far more interesting than its name would suggest


Trying all of the beers at the 2012 Bathtub Beer Festival got one writer (and everyone else) drunk — even if it was out of an itty-bitty beer mug.

Homeland Security

Local superstar plays the locavore game and scores big.

One Person, One Vote, Many Arguments

Pennsylvania's voter identification law has sparked both claims of fairness and accusations of foul play. A campus responds.

Guac This Way

An El Dorado for taco aficionados this side of the Schuylkill

Pitchfork in Review: Extended Version

Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival provided, as usual, a dauntingly long list of indie talent. The only thing harder than finding water was figuring out which acts to see. Here are our favorites from the weekend.

Musicologists Sound Off

Sometimes a superficial listen to today's pop music isn't enough. For a more comprehensive take, we turned to Penn's Music Department.

What Musical Acts to Pull Your Self Together For In The Quad

There are 23 hours worth of performances in the Quad on Friday and Saturday.

Review: Generationals

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about a phenomenon that worried Coca–Cola execs: Coke was losing to Pepsi in blind sip tests.

Spring Fling Preview 2011

… And the wait is over. Earlier this week, Under the Button and Penn performing groups led you on a campus–wide quest that culminated in the announcement of two Fling acts: Instrumental duo Ratatat and hip–hop hitmaker Flo Rida.

Musical Notes: "Two Blobs Fucking"

In which I actually take Wayne Coyne’s antics seriously.

Musical Notes: Lil B

Why you shouldn’t even bother with the nooks and crannies of Lil B’s massive mixtape.

O–Penn Mic: Spotlighting Student Artists

In which the more musical among us tell of their pursuits.

A Dessert You Can't Refuse

The Cannoli King waxes poetic on the immigrant experience and power of food.

You Can Ring My Bell

For the most part, tracing the genealogy of most current cutting-edge bands is pretty straightforward.

Breakfast of Champ-ions

The best adults are the ones that retain some sense of youth on the inside. When they released their frenetic debut, A Lesson in Crime, Tokyo Police Club were kids.

Buffalo Style

The Shins on acid? The Shins if the Shins cared less about showcasing lead singer James Mercer? The Shins with MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden at the helm?

Wise Fools or Wise Foals?

The much-hyped sophomore album has proven an enigma for most bands. More often than not, indie buzz bands release follow-up albums that are intentionally completely different from their first, if only to show that they don’t want to be the same as they were (even if they really are the same as they were). Lately, these sophomore albums have tended to disappoint early fans while at the same time pleasantly surprising many reviewers.

Woof Woof

Remember when everyone made music like Dr. Dog? Neither do we. While we’re certainly happy with the music of our own day and age, it would’ve been pure magic to have seen 1960s musical greats sow the seeds of their musical arcs.
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