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Julia Bell


50 Years of 34th Street Magazine

Following 34th Street's paper trail from 1968 to the present.

Gourmands at Commons? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Sad seniors plate a three–course dinner at 1920 Commons.

Lauren Lareau: the single mom and Penn grad taking on a Republican incumbent

The Penn alum and single mother challenges a Republican incumbent in Bucks County.

Penn 10: Nick Silverio

This soon–to–be Wharton grad spends his free time jetting up to New York for auditions. He's also been on 'Saturday Night Live,' 'America's Got Talent,' and 'Elf.' Casually.

Fig Newtons Never Looked This Sexy

How to waste your youth plating food bought at CVS.

Into the Shadows

DACA recipients face an uncertain future. 

Fight Trump with Fling

The proceeds from Make America Fling Again hats will be donated to the ACLU.

Penn 10: Araba Ankuma

Meet Araba Ankuma—Strictly Funk dancer and director, esteemed photographer, GQ Magazine intern, trendsetter.

Why some students don't choose CAPS for therapy

And opt for Skype instead.

Life, Death, and GBMs

Student hospice volunteers are friends to the dying.

Ego of the Week: Mike McCurdy

Name: Mike McCurdy Major: Biological Basis of Behavior Activities: Quarterback for the sprint football team, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, former president of Penny Loafers, Friars, Phi Delt Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland It would be easy to write off Mike McCurdy (C'17) as Penn’s Troy Bolton.

EOTW: Rich Chaudhary

Double majors and double margs.

A(ce) is for Asexual

Asexual Students at Penn

An Ethnography of Penn's Lost and Founds

What we've left behind

EOTW Anna Kanter

Finally: an EOTW who knows how soft Hillary Clinton's hands are.

A (School) Day in TFA

What it's like to work for the most popular employer of CAS students

Returning to Penn: Lamentations from Abroad

Because you can't live in a hostel forever. 

The IGC: Community and Culture

There's more than one kind of rush.
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