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Julia Polster


Comedy Television’s Narrowing Scope: Disease or Symptom?

The genres of comedy television being produced and recognized are diminishing as we enter the multifaceted digital age.

The Movies Are Opera’s Newest Frontier

One of the world’s oldest art forms has begun taking inspiration from one of its most modern.

Julia Child: A Towering, Persisting Image

Both Child’s place in society and legacy in the American zeitgeist continue to transgress the norm for women.

Has 'Star Trek' Lost Its Character?

The bland ensemble and poor storytelling of Star Trek: Discovery has left fans feeling frustrated.

The ‘American Song Contest’ Attempts to Bring ‘Eurovision’ to the US of A

The new television show is an adaptation of one of Europe’s most popular musical traditions.

Make Your Way Out to South Philly for ‘Café y Chocolate’ and the Best Brunch in Town

Because as a rule, brunch should involve more chilies.

The New ‘West Side Story' is One Small Step for a Movie, One Giant Leap for Moviekind

Spielberg's adaptation of the classic musical is a flawed film with an exciting legacy.

In Which I Get Verklempt Over ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

By a woman who likes her television like she likes her men: Jewish, funny, and touching her in places she didn’t even know existed.

Mourning ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and the Great American Television Comedy

In 2021, one of television’s greatest ensembles of all time faded away—but was there even more lost?

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara Are More Than Just Their 'Schitt's Creek' Roles

The two's acting careers are not only notable but prolific—and if you didn't notice, you're missing out. 

'Sabrina’ Proves That Romance is Timeless

The familiar story stands the test of time in any iteration, but there's value in how these adaptations vary. 

Julia Louis–Dreyfus and the Greatest Acceptance Speech in Human History

Julia Louis–Dreyfus is a very talented comedic actress—and her genius translates into amazing speeches.

One Year Ago I Stopped Binge–Watching Television

Here’s where I am now.

No Animated Film Can Compare to ‘The Prince of Egypt’

Those Were The Days | The movie masterfully portrays complex emotions and history in ways even children can appreciate.

Ellie Hoffman and Catherine de Luna are Having an Episode

What started as a quarantine hobby is now turning into a segue into the "real world."

Watching ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ Today and Taking the Good with the Bad

Those Were The Days丨Being a feminist makes it hard to get through older television shows, but doesn’t make great comedy writing any less timeless.

A Very Unusual Macy’s Parade for a Very Unusual Thanksgiving

The Macy's Parade is going to be a lot different this year—but there's still a lot to be thankful for.

Vintage Murder Mystery Comedies are Few, but Funny

Those Were The Days│A review of the two films that comprise my favorite genre, vintage murder mystery comedies.

‘Star Trek,’ Syncopes, and the Hypothetical Fall of America

Season three of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ emphasizes a warning that has been present in the franchise for over fifty years.

The Exterminating Angel: The Creepiest Horror Movie You’ve Never Seen

Those Were The Days | 60 years late, this film is still thrilling—and eerily similar the reality of 2020.
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