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Kaliyah Dorsey


Toni Morrison’s 'Tar Baby': What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Is pain a part of love? For Black women in relationships, it’s often inescapable and normalized. 

Kiese Laymon's 'Heavy' stresses the importance of revision

With honest self-reflection, Laymon's memoir places Black healing and redemption at the forefront.

Candice Carty-Williams' 'Queenie' rejects the idea of the invincible Black woman

In deconstructing the "Strong Black Woman" stereotype, 'Queenie' reminds us that Black women deserve to be vulnerable, too

Kiley Reid's 'Such A Fun Age': Black people are not your moral battleground

Reid's depiction of America's pre-2016 "post-racial" society highlights the inevitability of our present state

Nia Forrester’s 'Commitment' Validates Vulnerability in Black Love

'Commitment' is the empowering, affirmative, complex romance that Black women deserve
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