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Kathryn Xu


Hey Batter Batter, Swing

A baseball game is always being played, somewhere.

Formula 1, Human Rights, and You

What do we really mean when we talk about human rights?

'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Answers the Dreaded Sequel Question: What Now?

After a slow start, the show challenges its own hyper–optimism and finishes the season strong.

How CHAI Is Subverting the East Asian Feminine Ideal

How the Japanese rock band grapples with the acute desire to be cute

The Exotification of Shohei Ohtani

Examining how the MLB superstar is viewed through an American gaze

Penn Non–Cis and Penn Association for Gender Equity's New Trans–Inclusive Language Guide

These two activist organizations on campus have joined forces to promote trans–inclusive language on campus and beyond.

Netflix's 'Drive to Survive' Refuses to Reckon with Racism

Racial justice is a glaring omission in a documentary of the 2020 Formula 1 season with unprecedented access.

Mainstream Asian American Activism Will Not Save Our Elders

Hate crimes against Asian elders reveal the flaws in mainstream politics that center around Hollywood and representation.

When K–Pop Meets Nazism

It isn't the first time Nazism has infiltrated K–Pop. 

My Friend, Will Shortz, and I

A friendship traced through a New York Times Crossword streak.

When A Feminist Anthem Falls Flat

MARINA's 'Man's World' exemplifies what can go wrong with setting out to write a feminist anthem.

Anti–Asian Racism in the NBA and the Plague of Transactional Activism

How Jeremy Lin's career highlights our flawed discussions of anti–Asian racism in the NBA. 

The Politics of 'Papers, Please': Border Control and Biological Essentialism

Lucas Pope’s 2013 release is an empathy game with the typical messy moralities of video games.

'17776' Demonstrates How Every Sports Story is a Love Story

Jon Bois' internet masterpiece, revisited as his sequel comes out in 2020. 
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