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Mawuse Ziegbe


Whoop That Trick!

Terrence Howard has big, baby-blue eyes. The kind of eyes that make female interviewers fumble around aimlessly for interesting and provocative questions only to receive Howard's curious glances.

I just want to thank my girlfriend...

It's about midnight, and I'm greeted with the abrasive jarring sound of a moving cart rolling over brick in the lobby of Sansom West.

Spiking The Punch

In his newsboy cap and jeans, Spike Lee saunters onto the stage in a packed Zellerbach auditorium. He seems irritated that he has to engage an audience of eager and inquisitive fans and scholars.

Spring movies and such

As far as movies are concerned, the first few months of any year always suck. Since major studios tend to release their Oscar contenders in the summer and fall, all they can serve the hungry nerds now are mere table scraps.

BUT They Were so cute!

And you thought Bennifer was the break-up to end all break-ups. It may have been a week late, but Hollywood gave celebrity gossipers the best Christmas gift imaginable a couple of weeks ago.

That's The Jawn, That's The Jam...

Philly has its own idiosyncratic, eclectic and sophisticated style. One of the artists, Staccey, is on the scene making moves in art and music marketing, and is also putting out some of the most popular and uniquely Philly "jawn" tees.

Big Momma

Some of the world's most prominent celebrities, such as Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige and Fat Joe, look to Misa to fine tune their style.

8 Questions -- Leehe Fai

Street sits down with the blithe boutique owner Leehe Fai (pronounced Lee-Hee Fay) Goldfarb -- who is celebrating the two year anniversary of her boutique -- and a little terrier named Lucy.

Tastemaker: Carl Hancock Rux

Carl Hancock Rux is a literary Renaissance man. Having garnered accolades in spoken word poetry and playwriting, he is now establishing himself as a novelist.

Get Your Style On

Missy has proven herself a bankable artist in the music world through producing and performing dozens of hip hop and pop hits throughout the last decade.


Fluid is a club with the rare ability to deliver solid theme nights throughout the week featuring a variety of music for an eclectic crowd.

Nifty Nails

For quality nailcare and general upkeep, one does not need to hit up downtown, or even leave campus for that matter.

It's about the culture

We are all tired of cabbing it all the way down to South Street for a new deck or our favorite skateboarding inspired fashion.

They're here, they're queer

Street talked to Hal Sparks, Penn alum Robert Gant and Harris Allan, the stars of Showtime's provocative series Queer as Folk, at the TLA Video Store.

Let's Get Free

Philadelphia's National Liberty Museum is intriguing with avant-garde exhibitions on everything from religious tolerance to the civil rights movement.

Show me your soul

So it's Tuesday night and you're bored. You wanna do the Old City thing but you haven't the strength to deal with vapid, trendy posers.

My Thai

The unassuming exterior of Pattaya Grill is all a facade. Exotic selections like alligator stir-fry await Thai food enthusiasts on the eatery's eclectic menu.

Country Grammar

Remember that song "Ugly" that had you "throwin' 'bows" at the party and wishing you were from Hicktown, Georgia?
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