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Meg Gladieux


Working Hard, Partying Sober

Penn is known for its drug–fueled parties and work–hard–play–harder culture. But what happens when you’re sober?

The Magnificent Mundanity of ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’

The YouTube trilogy–turned–feature–length film explores grief and joy through the eyes of a tiny anthropomorphic shell.

Penn 10: Chris Picchiello

 Whether he’s wearing his scrubs or his barista hat, love and care is at the heart of everything Chris does. 

Making Music with Michael Auble

Substitute teacher by day, songwriter and bandmate by night.

Behind the Mask of @pennmemes

Street sat down with the owner of the most known account on campus, and she tells all—except for her name.

Love Lessons

A poem on grammar, semantics, and love

Dispatches from Isolation

Confusion. Chaos. Miscommunication. When Penn students test positive for COVID–19, nothing about the isolation process is clear. 

Diary of a Former Pandemic Barista

Working at a coffee shop during COVID–19 helped me find connections to others.

A Trip Into Psychedelic Medicine

Psychedelics are revolutionizing the health care and wellness industries. Now, they’re at Penn’s doorstep. 

Quaker Kitchen: A Home–Cooked Meal on Campus

Take a seat and get to know Penn’s newest dining–plan–friendly culinary experience

Dead Parents Society: Finding Community in Grief

Uncovering spaces where open conversations about loss can bloom on campus

The Unseen Undergraduates: Remembering the LPS Bachelor’s Program

As the on–campus LPS program reaches its final act, nontraditional students reflect on the meaning of a traditional campus experience.

Growing Pains of a Grown–Up 'Riverdale'

Can a time jump usher in a 'Riverdale' renaissance?

I Lived on the New Sophomore Dining Plan for a Week. This is What Happened.

An experiential dissection of Penn’s shift in dining policy and the meaning of dining as a Penn student

The Year We Learned to Grieve

 Loss is hard. It’s even harder in the midst of a pandemic. 

The Strange Comfort of the Time–Loop Romance Movie

Exploring beauty and cynicism of sci–fi twists on classic rom–com tropes 

Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’ is the Best Show You’re Not Watching

It’s so much more than a gender–swapped Lord of the Flies.

For the Love of the Cover

In quarantine, covering songs has become the ultimate act of love.

The Stock Market Has Always Been a Game. Now Gen Z Is Learning To Play.

WTF is going on with the stock market right now?

'Songbird' and the Film Industry’s Failing Attempt at Pandemic Production

Hollywood is rushing to give us pandemic–themed content. No one’s asking for it.
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