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Mira Sydow


Pace & Blossom is More than Just Another West & Down

Meet the cast of kooky characters who staff the new University City nightclub.

Make Comics and Don't Give a Fuck: In Conversation with Nate Garcia

Meet the 19–year–old, self–made adult comic artist who likes the word “fuck” and hates superheroes.

The Comeback Kid

Michael Cogbill’s Philly–focused politics and community organizing landed him a position on the 3rd District ballot to the U.S. House of Representatives—until a legal challenge from an opposing candidate tried to crush his campaign. 

Get to Know Penn's Oldest Stone(r)s

Penn gargoyles take social media by storm.

A Fireable Offense

Despite repeated racist remarks, Amy Wax is still teaching. Where does Penn draw the line between free speech and hate speech?

Dispatches from Isolation

Confusion. Chaos. Miscommunication. When Penn students test positive for COVID–19, nothing about the isolation process is clear. 

A Tale of Two Cities

An ode to growing up and coming home

A Complicated Ally: Navigating Crises With Student Intervention Services

SIS is designed to help students with immediate needs. But for some students, does the organization's fast action cause more harm than good?

Mike Blackwell Dreamed of Penn. But Dreams Come at a Heavy Cost.

Mike’s decades of learning culminated in his acceptance to Penn’s MLA program. But now, he says the University isn’t willing to support nontraditional students like him. 

Alexandra Hunt: By the Youth, for the People

The public health researcher turned community organizer is running to unseat Rep. Dwight Evans—and years of moderate policies—in Congress.

Stressed, Stuck, and Stifled: Penn’s Class of 2025 Talks Applying in a Virtual World

Applying to college has never been easy. But it’s never been harder than it is now.

Keeping the Magic Alive

Magic Carpet owners reflect on their time at Penn in the wake of COVID-19’s economic impact
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