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Rachel Swym


'Thor: Love and Thunder': Queerbaiting or Queer Representation?

The film isn't “super gay” as the cast and director claim, but the representation it achieves as a Marvel film is still remarkable.

Idealism Leads to Infighting at Mina’s World

Mina’s World was the first Philadelphia coffee shop owned by queer and trans people of color. Now, the same idealism that created it has resulted in its closure.

Watching ‘The Inside Outtakes’ From the Outside

As the pandemic's reign reaches ambiguous territory, Bo Burnham’s special strikes a different chord.

For Some, Makeup Is a Tool of Pride

Queer college students are using makeup to express identity, defy the binary, and nail TikTok transitions.

From Penn to Camp Counseling to Climate Consulting, Rachel Zaff is Always on to the Next Adventure

No matter the country, this recent graduate is ready to take the leap.

The ICA's 'Infrastructure' Radically Rethinks How We Consume Art

Unlike most art exhibitions, the ICA's most recent exhibition poses countless questions—and it asks its visitors for the answers.

Going Gray

I spent too much time on my phone. So I took drastic measures.

Charmed by Cartoons

My favorite shows are rated TV–Y7.
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